Sunday, March 25, 2007


DRIVER he is...
C thinks he has the PERFECT control over the steering. And that he can steer clear of every obstacle that he encounters while driving. And when I tell him he drives like mad he simply stops the car on the roadside and snaps at me to drive myself. ufffff
When will he grow up? :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Madness in the air

How much more mad can things get?

You carry a towel for a bath and it turns out to be a doormat
To have a bath of 12-15mins you have to undergo preparations of 30mins
And then you have to out of the bathroom AGAIN coz still something is STILL missing
You KNOW you have to go to office and then there is P knocking on your head with tongs every 10 minutes to remind you that you have to go to office
And because of the these constant reminders nagging you time and again you tend to forget many important things without which your day would'nt be any better
You are unable to find any of the things that belong to you
Worse still is the fact that those things that you do manage to know where they are kept you cannot touch them
Even worse is the fact that when you ask for help to get to those things you are denied help of any sort with a rude reply
All this gets to your head and you leave for office without having breakfast
The so called breakfast contained only of a glass of milk which was smelling bad
You did not consume it because it was smelling bad but M thinks you didnt drink it on purpose or to show your anger
Without knowing the real reason M is not talking to you just becuase you did not have breakfast
Then there is ofcourse the mad hatter C who wants to say something to you and you want to hear it but he would not say it to you because he says he has written it to you and that you know how to read