Friday, May 18, 2007

Laggey Raho!

Finally caught the dudes in action yesterday!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life in a.. Metro and Spidey sickness

I happened to catch a movie on the first day in months on Friday, the 11th. Thanks to the enthusiasm shown by A. When I say 'catch' I mean it literally. We went at our best speed to catch the Delhi Metro to ultimately catch 'Life in a... Metro'. We even took a cycle-rickshaw for the shortest distance so that we could get the tickets on time and not miss out the trailers :D
And now the review, well, sort of.
Rating: 3.50 Starry Sparks
The first rating I gave was 3.25 starry sparks, but then I changed it to 3.50 starry sparks. The reason being that I was so put off by the pairing of Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali that my initial reaction was a screeching WHY and then followed the 3.25.
Anyway, first of all I applaud Anurag Basu, the Director saab. He has brilliantly woven the story of the nine protagonists of the movie; a landmark that not many Indian directors have been capable of achieving so far. Then, hats off to the Konkona Sen-Irrfan Khan starrer scenes. The duo compliment each other very well. Kay Kay Menon's performance is a fine one as you come out of the theatre hating him. That is precisely what his role should actually make you feel like. But I found the Shilpa-Kay Kay pairing a bit odd. Then o' course there are these 3 guys who keep humming a tune and seem to be omnipresent. As soon as they see a philmi situation happeneing, they pop out onto the screen and start off. Vele log! :D
Storyline - I ain't giving out all. Just an outline.
Rahul, (played by Sharman Joshi) is a call centre executive who loves his colleague Neha (played by Kangana Ranaut). Ranjeet (Kay Kay Menon) is their boss. Neha has climbed up the ladder of success way too soon as her boss loves her. But they have a non-commital relationship. Ranjeet is married to Shikha (Shilpa Shetty). They have a daughter and a married life that is on the rocks. Neha is Shruti's (Konkona) roommate. And Shruti is Shikha's (Shilpa) sister. In short the nine protagonists are linked to each other in some way or the other.
Okay..I could've written more here... but I do not want to confuse you guys. Rest you should find out for yourselves if you plan to watch the movie. But I would like to add here that the movie depicts the lives of ppl in a metro (Mumbai here) very well.
Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen - Par excellence. Shilpa Shetty - Worth an applaud.
Shrman Joshi - Good.
Dharmendra - :
Nafisa Ali - Pleasant as always.
Kangana Ranaut - Poor.
Shiney Ahuja - OK
Kay Kay Menon - Perfect.
The downside:
1.The Dharmendra-Nafisa pairing.
2.Ranaut's strange acceptance of Sharman's love (it wasn't tastefully done)
3.The treatment of Shilpa's character towards the end of the story (She should've taken a step that was bolder, bigger and better)

Best Scene: From the Climax involving Konkona and Irrfan (who is superb!)

Spidey Sickness
Imagine him on this building :D
I am not well. I really need to see Spiderman-3 to be good again. Whenever I stand in the balcony of my office building, which happens to be on the 13th and the topmost floor, I get this feeling that the evil Spidey dressed up in his black dress will come climbing this wall. :D No I haven't lost it. It is just Spidey Sickness.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Some days are just purrfect!!!

And I enjoyed one yesterday :)
A shopping spree it was...My cupboard boasts of some nice summer clothes now and the darling digicam is back to life. Yes! I finally got a new battery charger.
And while I had just begun cursing the weather, the Rain Gods showered mercy and plenty of it :D The icing on the cake was the fact that we were sitting on the first floor of a restaurant with wide glass windows. Our table was laid next to the window and watching the rain drops slip through the windowpane was like visitng Paradise.

We signed off with a cup of Blackforest Gelato (which happened to be the flavour of the week) each :D

And yes all this happened on a Sunday, a day when I rarely get my day off from work!