Friday, December 21, 2007

Movie Rules and Movies RULE!

Skeety went for a movie and came back cribbing (in the head) like a 100-years' old granny. Oops! Okay agreed Skeety is 257.
Picture this: Skeets with a ballooned face, muttering and muddling hurriedly under her breath; walking fast.
For self-satisfaction, or merely putting the cribbing mind into words, Skeety came up with a set of Movie Rules, which obviously none will follow :| ; but which, if followed, will make movie-watching a pleasant experience.
  • A Queue is a Q is a Queue.
It will move faster IF and only IF all are just a little more patient.
None will drop a single precious popcorn (slurrrp), none will spill their drink if the queue is followed.
  • Make it a point to reach early for the movie (atleast 10 minutes prior).
This way some good people who have reached before you will be saved from the displeasure of seeing your head in between their anxious eyes and the screen, while you are trying to locate your seat.
  • Keep your digicams, sweets (chewies), data cables, other such stuff at home/in your car when you know you are going for a movie.
People who have already taken pains to do that, face the displeasure of standing in long queues for their turned to be frisked. Utter displeasure that!

  • When using public loos (read the ones at the movie hall) or for that matter the ones at home, ALWAYS remember that time seems to stretch itself longer when you are on the other (out) side of the loo.
The ones standing for their turn will miss more of their movie than you will (all because of your 5 extra minutes in there).
So be quick. Ha!

  • Mind your feet!
If you have paid money to watch the movie and enjoy your 'seat' others have done that too! If you have long legs, make them stay put. Do not disturb those sitting in front of you by kicking their seats every now and then.

  • Keep your mobile phone on Silent/Off mode. The aliens are watching!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dobby Tobby

Happy Budday to buddha boy Dobby!
As you turn another year old, and your hair starts graying faster than ever before:
You must start using a hair dye,
You must quit liquorice candies,
You must not trouble A anymore,
You must not steal baby food,
You must not jump like Jack when you see pink perus (pink is for girls remember?),
You must give up chooran and supari,
You must gimme all your budday presents,
And you must never stop taking pangey wimme ;)
Miss ya!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Dilli ki Sardi is making Skeety happy. To mark the beginning of the winter months, Skeety visited the Purana Qila. The Purana Qila is RED and splendid. It is vast too! It goes on and on and on. And on!
Skeety could only have a dekko in about the two plus hours she spent there. A longer visit is pending.
Here's a sneak peek :)

Another day, the Crazy Princess took Skeety on an AMBASSADOR ride! Delhi's very own vintage car. Skeety likes the fact that the Ambassador (first seen on roads in 1948) is still used by parliamentarians. The newest one is called Ambasaddor 'Grand' and has undergone many changes.But here's the battered one Skeety sat in (look at the AC closely), and believe me you, it was NEAT!