Friday, April 27, 2007

For all those who take Harry Potter to be a kids' thing

Have been hearing people calling Harry Potter books as Children's fiction since eons now. Without meaning to start any kind of war here (I hate fights) I would like to say- If a book revolves around kids it does not automatically become a children's book. JKR never wrote the book (first and others) with a target audience in mind. Here's a quote from the author: I never thought about writing for children, children's books chose me.
In another interview of hers that I had read long time back, she said she wrote the book for herself. Simply meaning that if the book is good anyone can read it.
If somebody who knows I love HP says 'hehe' or 'haha' or press their lips to suppress the smile, I also suppress a smile and think 'GET A LIFE DUDE! DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR! BUY ONE HP FOR YOURSELF.' This is not just for them, but all visitors to ma blog: DO READ AN HP ONCE IN YOUR LIFE :)
If I am sounding like an obssessed HP/JKR fan then be it. NO regrets!
I am sad that the HP series is gonna end. But the six books (and the seventh one - Deathly Hallows, when it arrives) will be a treasure I would cherish all my life. Also, I am adding a countdown ticker for the last book on the blog. That, being an ode to the absoltutely fantabulous series of books and Jo, the rockstar!
So, here are the closing words from me:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Insomniacs' Night Out

The date between 19th April and 20th April (if any exists)

Time - 4:15 am

Pa: Wassup?
Skeets: I am NOT slping! So don't u try to put that light off!
Pa: Oh ok. What is with u and ur light?
Skeets: I can't breathe if you turn it off!
Pa: Care for a walk? (Skips the light part and comes to the point)
Skeets: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Skeets: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Still thinking)
Skeets: Hv nothing better to do.. Ok i will come with you!
Pa: Chal taiyyar hoke aaja (Happily leaves ma room).

4.30 am
We reach a park near our place. That we would take 2 rounds is already decided. The air is pleasant. Slightly on the colder side. It exudes freshness. I love that. The silence is lovely too! My thoughts wander to Dobby and our glassi gang (as i call it). He would probably freak out at the prospect of seeing(or even thinking for that matter) me up at 4:15am and that too for a walk! I am no more the lazy Reety Skeety he had once known [not that much atleast ;)]. The glassi gang had to make umpteen calls to me to ensure that I wake up on time to join them for the weekend lunches, or movies... Miss u ppl!
Back to the present, as we walk we notice there r a few more insomniacs doing the rounds in the park. As day starts breaking a few more ppl enter the park. But it is time for us to leave.
Just as a proof that I HAVE seen wot 4:15AM looks like.. I clicked the pics that follow. Twas dark and dat was the best I could get considering the fact that Pa was giving me weird looks and perhaps could not understand the point behind my night time photograpy. I had to click really fast.
Ah yes! We promised each other to come bk again at the same time. But till now no such thing has happened :D ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dilli ki Garmi

Dilli ki garmi (Yes, it is just as famous as the Sardi, but for all the wrong reasons) announces its arrival. The Mercury is hovering around 40 degrees celsius already. And i've been trying to find places to chill out. Here are the few I think I will b found this summer season: 1.Saltz @ GK-I M block - the place that inspired me to write this post and one more. 2.PVR Plaza - This is one place I absolutely love. The Metro to here, is the best. It drops me a minute's walk away from PVR Plaza. And for that reason as well as others, Plaza is my darling movie hall in Delhi. 3.Market Cafe @ Khan Mkt - I've grown to love this place since I visited it the first time. In toto three visits makes this place my most loved cafe in town. The only gud/bad point being the sooo many stairs that I hv to climb to reach there. Gud, coz I will do some exercise while climbing them; bad coz i am lazy enough to do so :D
Market Cafe

I resolute NOT to go out window-shopping anymore. Atleast not during summers. I lose my head if the heat touches me. And I want to be sane this summer unlike the MAD MAD Delhi traffic. I hv observed for myself that as the mercury rises the insanity of Delhi drivers grows manifold. No kidding there! The traffic starts getting heavier and noisier, the honking increases, the accidents too go up! Uffff!!!
Oh yeah! I start loving office more :D Coz of the full power back up! Ha ha! I frequent movie halls for the same reason. Grinnnnnn! I prefer not to shop for the same reason! :D

Sunday, April 8, 2007

B's Being

With due respect to her as well as old age, I write this post on Bibiji whom we fondly know as B. I've been hearing about her since a few months now. I've also met her a couple o' times. Her weird ways get us laughing to wit's end, even though she may come across as any other frail old woman. In short she is weirdness personified.
It was only when I spoke to her and offered her help in ironing clothes, I came to know the real B: strong headed, aggressive and one who loves it if all the household members keep coming to her every two minutes. And she DOES have millions of ways of ensuring the same.
When you come home after a long tiring day and see two real long fat leafy radishes lying on your bed, you have just about 3 options: Laugh, cry or shout at what is going around. These radishes are obviously kept on your bed by none other than miss B. Next you feel like having a banana shake and notice that all the bananas you bought a day ago are missing. What do you do? Ask B. And B answers: they are kept in a polybag under a chair. Eatables like those we thought are supposed to be kept on the dining table or the kitchen shelf. But now we do have our doubts.
You wake up in the morning to see four plastic buckets filled with clothes kept in your BEDROOM. Not any particular morning but EVERY SINGLE morning. And these have taken the same place that should ideally belong to a flowerpot, a water fountain or some other show piece of the like. And now the idea behind keeping those four buckets:

Bucket 1: Contains clothes that are to be washed
Bucket 2: Contains clothes that are to be dried
Bucket 3: Contains clothes that have been washed and need not b ironed
Bucket 4: Contains clothes that have been washed and need ironing

All this is done in your room. Meaning you have no privacy at all!
Among the countless weird habits of B's, one is collecting polybags; the ones in which the vegetable vendors put in the vegetables for you. She has a fetish for them. So much so that you can find those ugly little packets in every nook of the house you can possibly imagine. And yet comes the one habit which leaves you wondering if anything can save you from what’s more in store for you from B's bag of weirdness. You enter the loo and see leaves of mustard greens (sarson ka saag) on the floor! A bit of investigation reveals that the delicious sarson ka saag you had for lunch was actually washed in your damn loo and not in the kitchen sink! Yikes! And that is not all. You further find out that the saag was washed using none other than the BUM WASHER!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeww!!!!!!! And again the mastermind behind this brilliant idea was darling B.
The person who actually lives with B and bears all the abovesaid torture says that saag shall not see the house's 'chulha' anymore. Wise decision.
And all said and done, the way this person takes everything in a positive way and keeps shut, is something that deserves a prize. This person puts up with B's eccentricities and lets her age gracefully... eh?