Saturday, January 31, 2009

CAUGHT laughing (red-handed)!!!

Ojas tagged Skeets, and Skeets TWISTED the tag :D
According to the original tag Skeets was to write 10 random things about the self. Skeety is writing only one.
Now, this is something not so random about the self, but has been crossing the mind for a post here: Skeets LAUGHS like there's no tomorrow when she is in front of the computer.
If we were to study in school at this age we'd perhaps be asked to write an essay on My Computer. Haha. Okay okay Skeets knows she is a two hundred and fifty eight year old, and is not supposed to attend school. But then, studies can never be complete. One learns all through life. Muggles may differ (laughs out loud wickedly).
Comes back to the POP=Point of the Post.
Well, Skeets has been caught laughing in front of the computer like N number of times by mommy dearest as well as other members of the family.
Skeets has also been declared insane. The reason being some equally insane friends who pop-up on the Instant Messenger windows with some of the whackiest lines possible.
Or perhaps, a fellow-blogger's post would make Skeets go khi khi khi:)
Ditto with the mobile phone. One funny MASS SMS as well call it from the funny bunch of friends or a message meant just for Skeets and you can find her laughing out loud in a public place for something like 300 seconds (5 minutes). And what follows ofcourse are some uncalled-for stares. Does Skeets care? Nah! Democratic is the country she lives in :) Laughter de-stresses like anything. :)
In the first open-ended post here...Skeets wants to ask all the readers a question:

Do you LAUGH when someone says something funny on Instant Messengers or SMS-es
---Or do you just chuckle
---Or do you say LOL but do not really laugh?
Shout out! And yeah keep laughing :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

The mystery of Thums Up TASTE THE THUNDER!

Crazy nights!
Forcing Skeets to post about food at Reeta's Ruminations instead of DFZ.
No probbies.
Both are cuties.
Skeets returned home from work.
THE dinner box which couldn't be had at work was opened @ home.
Gobhi (cauliflower) paranthas (Indian bread)...
No, actually Skeets had half of the two allotted to her :P
These, hogged, standing at midnight on the kitchen shelf.
Ok Skeets was not standing.
The plate was sitting on shelf.
Skeets was standing on the floor.
Accompanying the HALF gobhi parantha were the carrot pickle and 1 Bikaneri papad or poppadum. Bikaner is a town in Rajasthan. Famous for its papads.
Thums Up was the only drink available at the ghostly hour (or so she thought).
No probbies.
Hunger ruled supreme.
We shall overcome.
When Skeets finsihed half of the half gobhi parantha she poured Thums Up in the mug (glass wasn't available either).
FROTH floated at the top of the Thums Up drink.
Wonder if they have a tie-up with Surf, Ariel washing powders?
No? Nirma perhaps?!
Scratches head.
Stops such thought from disturbing the tastebuds.
Finishes meal.
Not hungry now but sees PEPPY (round tomato flavoured chips/discs) and grabs the pack. The producers try to call peppy poppadums.
Skeets refuses to acknowledge that name.
Half a glass REAL mixed fruit juice diluted with water (Skeets loves her teeth...the less the sugar the better) follows.
This post was being written in between sips of juice and bites of Peppy.
Hunger made Skeets forget spellings.
Google rocks!
Search revealed something EXTRA!
The weird taste of Thums up (Skeets thought it was Thum"b"s Up hence googled) that must've been recollected by your taste buds when reading the name of the drink in this post (and Skeets is sure you must've said eeeeewwwwwww) does remind one a little about betel nut (supari). That describes the weird taste.!
Mystery solved.
Betel Nut + washing powder flavour= Thums Up!
Hence, the tagline= Taste the thunderrrr!!!!
Skeets doesn't mind Thums Up once in a while. Smalloo's liking for Thums Up has made Skeets' taste buds accustomed to the unusual taste. Here's the little something that wiki has to say about Thums Up:
Thums Up is a carbonated soft drink (cola) popular in India, where its bold, red thumbs up logo is common. It is similar in flavor to other colas but has a unique taste reminiscent of betel nut. Introduced in 1977 to offset the expulsion of The Coca-Cola Company and other foreign companies from India, Thums Up, Limca, and Campa Cola gained nationwide acceptance. The brand was bought out by Coca-Cola who later re-launched it to fight against Pepsi after
unsuccessful attempts at brand killing.

Keep Smiling.
Skeets loves her blogs and shall try to be regular now on.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ghajini: All that does not make sense

A movie depicting violence released at a time when the world needs peace messages from any and every means of communication.

A movie in which the leading man wants to take revenge even when he is suffering short term amnesia (such is the extent of vengeance).

A movie that one wouldn't like to watch when the sole intention is to unwind with close ones.

A movie which Skeeter reckons would be liked only by students of courses related to Media/Film/Art/Direction et al as they would get some fodder for criticism.

A movie where a medical student is depicted in such poor light that the role portrayed by her can help redifne mindlessness and stupidity.

A movie which showcases that the Indian film industry is still capable of churning out the same old stories polished with better movie-making techniques where the hero can pack a punch at the gang of goons and they go flying away (one punch each is enough). It also shows that Indian directors are still ardent fans of Hollywood stories (Ghajini thanks Momento).

This is what Ghajini is all about.

Go watch for a laugh if you feel rich enough to waste money.
Skeets had a dreadful time watching the movie and is still recuperating. Wish her good. AND Skeets must add here that this had NOTHING to do with the fact that she suffers from amnesia herself and has to rely on her cellphone reminders to go about her daily chores. It is another thing that Skeets forgets to act on the reminders :P

But yeah it did give Skeets some goosebumps. Thank God she hasn't reached the kind of stage Aamir Khan's mind was in ( in the movie).

As for all of you here's Skeets wishing a happy and peaceful 2009.