Sunday, August 26, 2007

The many facets

I was gifted an oil burner. Lighted it up and poured a few drops of sandalwood oil. Ten minutes later, the air was filled with its balmy scent, giving me a high of the sorts that can't be shaped into words for people to read. Neither can it be shared with readers by way of pictures. Nevertheless, I share some pictures of this lovely gift, which I shall cherish forever.

Thank YOU dear for this, and much more.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chandni Chowk mein CHAPPAL...

...toot gayi.

Legwork down the gallis of Old Delhi can be highly intoxicating. Like a kid has to be dragged out of a toy shop, I dragged myself out of Chandni Chowk. After having done the business I had there, no matter how hard I tried, I found myself not budging an inch. Awed, I was, to be in those constricted byways of Purani Dilli.
It was a first visit in ages. A lot has changed, and still, a lot remains unaltered. I admit, if I have to go there daily, I'd choke. Yesterday's visit was an impromptu one. And the pleasure derived from it, is inexplicable.
There she was, shopping for her wedding outfit. I knew she wanted me to be there. And with a single click I popped there. The mammoth task got over in I think a little over five hours (which according to me was super-quick). We were at this shop 'Anarkali', where this sales-boy was putting in all his might to sell us his stuff. Having tolerated him for quite some time now, when the decision (regarding the outfit) was finally made, I was most eager to leave the shop. And it was then that he caught hold of us again. He called to her in the tone of a whisper and with a chuckle he said Ik gal dasan hun twhanu...Ai na Jiju nu na dikhana! Una leyi enu surprise rehn dena (Lemme tell you one thing....Don't show the dress to your fiance, let it be a surprise for him). Quite nonsensical, but then that is their modus operandi, and that is how they 'think' they make loyal customers. Also shopped for some Indian sweets for Mr.P.
On the way back, I was left alone for the 5 minute walk to the metro station that I managed to stretch to about 30 minutes. Couldn't help gazing around me. The garmi did not seem to deter me from admiring the place. Neither did the overcrowded streets. Though on more than one occasion I did find myself swearing aloud at passers-by. And then, Chandni Chowk mein CHAPPAL toot gayi.
There is no such thing as a free lunch, but then one thing you really can get free in India is free advice. Girls tend to get a lot of it. In the Metro, if I prefer to stand some mudblood would say "madam baith jaaiye" and presently, when my footwear malfunctioned in the midst of the busy street of Chandni Chowk, this old chap says "pick it up in your hand" and some more blah that I didn't even care to hear. Huh! Guess he wanted me to walk barefoot on the muddy, animal waste laden streets. Anyway, this old chap, giving free advice got what he deserved by way of verbal action from me. I don't mean to be rude, but then I am fiercely rude when it comes to men trying to act superior in any way.
Anyway, the journey continued and I have promised myself a longer lasting trip to Chandni Chowk as soon as I get the next best opportunity. For, I was amazed to find a big McDonalds' outlet standing there, trying to lure customers from the paranthewalas.
The rest needs to be explored.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's the fuss all about?

Being a foodie is the bane of my existence. I love my food, I love eating out and I love my experiments with all kinds of cuisines. But with the bliss, comes the undesired baggage that I have never asked for, hence the bane. The baggage that I speak of, comes in the form of body fat.
I've been cribbing to myself over the weight for quite sometime now and haven't really been able to do what I've been wanting to do in order to check it. Sitting in front the workstation for 8 hours, only getting up to go for lunch or tea or a trip to the loo, has done a lot of damage already.

But, Thanks to A's wonderful company and my brilliant idea, that we found a way to fight the fat.
Fighting the fat is something that I simply cannot manage do on my own. I need company. I need motivation. The motivation came from V and A both. V always takes the stairs whilst I prefer the lift, and A is moody.
Yesterday, A and I decided that we would take a break from work anytime during the day and climb up and down the stairs several times (starting with 2 sets a day).
Two sets, and we were down and out. Nevertheless it was a beginning and we hope the exercise continues till we decide to move on to a harder regime like gymming et al.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

With the self

Sixty minutes extra in my kitty and I could have a power-packed day. Get out of the bed, laze around a while, make my own cardamom tea and alongwith, a 'healthy' breakfast, read a newspaper, sort the mess (if any) around, arrange a few things that have been pending since ages, read a few pages of a magazine or a book that I've been wanting to read since quite some time, and that gets me going for a good day ahead. Sounds dreamy? Eh!
This is the REAL picture of how it happens: Get out of the bed, no time to think, straight for a shower, a glass of milk shake for brekky, some mad running around the house to gather all that is needed, out of the house in 40 minutes flat or even less. Phew!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Skeeter gets Tagged

If I rememer correctly (bad memory mine, you all should know about it by now), this is the first Tag I am executing. Thanks to J. I was tagged once before by none other than J, but simply kept delaying the post. Then J moved to another blog, and I was no longer obliged to do it.
Life is hell at the moment and I am forcing myself to do this tag to vent out anger, murder boredom and drown thoughts.
J wants me to write about the kind of people I judge.
Here they are:
1.Those who don't have the balls to do what they preach.
2.Liars, who think they are smart and also that the world is a fool.
3.Those who despise others about their ways but do the same things themselves.
Ok, this makes me even angrier. So, I end here.