Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mela calling!

Skeety's just arrived from the Surajkund Mela (Haryana). 'twas her maiden visit there. Have little to share in words, except that:

* It was FUN.

* Had buddhi ke baal aka candy floss after eons!

* Spent one day exclusively with mommy.

* Apart from the Mela, saw the Surajkund as well.

Notes: The Surajkund, as the name suggests is a water tank (now there's no water there), believed to have been constructed by Raja Suraj Pal of the Tomar dynasty. It dates back to the 10th Cnetury A.D. when sun worship was popular in India. The shape of the kund resembles that of the rising sun curving eastwards. This is due to the semicircular stepped stone. The bed of the kund is 130 metres in diameter.

* The Punjabis rock and will always do. Loved the folk songs.
It is on till tomorrow only. So, if any of you can manage. Runnnnnnn!
P.S.: This mela is held from February 1-15 every year :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The little one...

She came, she saw, she conquered: me, us.
And then, she moved on, to conquer the world.

Starry eyes
dreaming skies.
Little hands
holding on tight
Oh, the way they fight (me).
Unruly hair
I used to tie them in a pony (fountain-style)
my little noneee :D
She sits somewhere there,
gazing out of her window, forlorn,
wishing we all were there (together).
Her chuckles,
they still reverberate through the walls of the house...
The naughty tricks,
How, together, we watched them, flicks.
I sit here (thinking her),
Only wishing she was near.

Happy Birthday to Nearly Headless Nick!
Love You!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


...does this blog get more hits and comments than my other (and favourite) blog Delhi Foodies' Zone ?