Friday, December 21, 2007

Movie Rules and Movies RULE!

Skeety went for a movie and came back cribbing (in the head) like a 100-years' old granny. Oops! Okay agreed Skeety is 257.
Picture this: Skeets with a ballooned face, muttering and muddling hurriedly under her breath; walking fast.
For self-satisfaction, or merely putting the cribbing mind into words, Skeety came up with a set of Movie Rules, which obviously none will follow :| ; but which, if followed, will make movie-watching a pleasant experience.
  • A Queue is a Q is a Queue.
It will move faster IF and only IF all are just a little more patient.
None will drop a single precious popcorn (slurrrp), none will spill their drink if the queue is followed.
  • Make it a point to reach early for the movie (atleast 10 minutes prior).
This way some good people who have reached before you will be saved from the displeasure of seeing your head in between their anxious eyes and the screen, while you are trying to locate your seat.
  • Keep your digicams, sweets (chewies), data cables, other such stuff at home/in your car when you know you are going for a movie.
People who have already taken pains to do that, face the displeasure of standing in long queues for their turned to be frisked. Utter displeasure that!

  • When using public loos (read the ones at the movie hall) or for that matter the ones at home, ALWAYS remember that time seems to stretch itself longer when you are on the other (out) side of the loo.
The ones standing for their turn will miss more of their movie than you will (all because of your 5 extra minutes in there).
So be quick. Ha!

  • Mind your feet!
If you have paid money to watch the movie and enjoy your 'seat' others have done that too! If you have long legs, make them stay put. Do not disturb those sitting in front of you by kicking their seats every now and then.

  • Keep your mobile phone on Silent/Off mode. The aliens are watching!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dobby Tobby

Happy Budday to buddha boy Dobby!
As you turn another year old, and your hair starts graying faster than ever before:
You must start using a hair dye,
You must quit liquorice candies,
You must not trouble A anymore,
You must not steal baby food,
You must not jump like Jack when you see pink perus (pink is for girls remember?),
You must give up chooran and supari,
You must gimme all your budday presents,
And you must never stop taking pangey wimme ;)
Miss ya!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Dilli ki Sardi is making Skeety happy. To mark the beginning of the winter months, Skeety visited the Purana Qila. The Purana Qila is RED and splendid. It is vast too! It goes on and on and on. And on!
Skeety could only have a dekko in about the two plus hours she spent there. A longer visit is pending.
Here's a sneak peek :)

Another day, the Crazy Princess took Skeety on an AMBASSADOR ride! Delhi's very own vintage car. Skeety likes the fact that the Ambassador (first seen on roads in 1948) is still used by parliamentarians. The newest one is called Ambasaddor 'Grand' and has undergone many changes.But here's the battered one Skeety sat in (look at the AC closely), and believe me you, it was NEAT!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Romancing the Red

The romance with the city rekindles as the thick fog embraces the Red.

Red, signifies to Skeety, the eternal beauty of Dilli. Dilli, Skeety's Darling.
A splash of Red here and a dash of Red there, bear testimony to the Red past (not violent, but beautiful).
The most captivating of them all, stand the walls of The Fort. Red again.
Red, is what Skeety thinks, would have been the pre-dominant colour in Delhi during the Moghul era.
Marrakesh might be the Red City to the world, but to me my Dilli is Red.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nuttier than the Nuttiest Nut!

Of all the things in the world, I was 'eating' and that too a very nice meal (I am NOT telling what), when doll FLASHED before my eyes.
Nuts is nuttier than the nuttiest nut,
She did a vanishing act, but,
Tut Tut Tut.


ये न सोचा था इतनी याद आओगी तुम...

Some posts are meant to mean nothing, but, then :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

An outstation post

Yo! This is Skeeter's first outstation post ever!
Skeets is posting from Haridwar on Diwali night. It is 11:25 pm. All are asleep. This is too much yaar! Can't be sitting/lying in a hotel room. Na na na...So decided to visit blog dear. Initial plan was to sneak out of the hotel. Went out for a little while. Maza ni aaya. Thandiiii si hava chal ri hai. Skeets has taken ill of late. Too sad. This sinus is killing her now. 30 days and no signs of reprieve. Fish!
Have been hearing some non-stop chatter from Brother Bear since two damn days. I pray for silence.
Have also been warned NOT to click picturs else some sadhu uncle would kick me in the Ganges! Now, this is three much! Bhaisaaaaaaaab main pagal ho jaungi!
The place is NEAT. The sound of the water is so inviting. Wanted to go there and sit for a long long while. Alas!
Missing Delhi already. Can't wait to go back.
More later :)
Happy Diwali to all!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Skeeter scribbles

Skeeter's skates skid...
And here's her first bid...

Dil Dilli mein hum chod ke chale jayenge
Khud ko is kadar door le jayenge
Dilli pukarti rahegi humein
Aur hum kahenge....
Hum ayenge
Hum ayenge
Hum laut ke kabhi na kabhi zaroor ayenge!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oye Oye budday boy! Oye Hoye!!!

Happy Birthday Blazing Boy!
Raising three glassis for you!
Ek glassi... do glassi... teen!

Last year, this day, I was still to give you a 'certificate' and now see :D You got it :) Life's like that.
Bereft of words, I am. Still, I want to thank you for being there, for the endless hours that you drive to lug me from Gurgaon to Delhi and back that make me feel so so so very special, for the lovely company at the lunches and dinners and the in-betweens (they form the backbone of Delhi Foodies' Zone and keep me beeming as well), and then I cannot thank you enough for being there for her, for she forms such an important part of our universe. And o' course for everything else.
God Bless!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mirza Ghalib, brought to you by Skeets

Ye to kaha ki unke aur humare zayke kaafi mel khate hain, par ye na kaha ki hum unki haveli ki kuch jhalakon ko qaid kar le aaye.

On one of my 'off' days, officially and mentally, I walked down Gali Qasim Jaan at Ballimaran, Chandni Chowk, to have a dekko at Ghalib's Haveli. Nah, I am no fan of his, just general curiosity and search of solitude took me there. I reached Chandni Chowk by car, got off, hired a rickshaw (just for the fun of it), and reached Gali Qasim Jaan. The rickshaw-puller kept pedalling his (read our) way forward, and I remained mum, awestruck (as always) by the old world charm. Mouth open, eyeballs out like that of a frog's, whiskers up, Skeets must've made quite a picture. Haha. Heee. Gawddd. I have noticed this before, that when I go to places of particular interest, I tend to forget that I have a tongue, and that I can speak. If there are people with me, they think I am unfriendly, or perhaps plainly uninterested.

His last photograph

That day, thankfully I was alone. And as I rode past the narrow lanes of Ballimaran, a gong rung somewhere in my head and it struck me that I would have to ask for the directions. Lost in the rustic charm of that part of Dilli, I had reached way ahead of my destination. People were friendly enough to guide me and my rickshaw-puller to the Haveli. The Haveli, as I gathered from my 1-hour stay there, was where Mirza Ghalib stayed during the last phase of his life. What is interesting is that he stayed there as a 'tenant'. Only a part of the Haveli remains now, as it has undergone quite a bit of alteration and demolition since Mirza Ghalib's death. Thanks to the efforts of the Delhi Government, some portions of the Haveli have been turned into a Memorial in remembrance of the great Poet.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Err Mmm Ufffff

It is gross. I am embarrassed every time it happens. And I do not know what to do about it.
This woman, yes a 'woman', call her a girl if you please (as if I care), has been haunting me for the past 10 months now.
Maybe more.
She is some sort of a freak. So much so, that as soon as she appears anywhere near, I almost wish I knew apparition and disapparition. Till that time the loo, the stairs, the baag, the bagiche, the road, the terrace, they all do it for me. They provide me a place to escape her sight.
Now, she comes and stands near me and says... Aaahh! Your hair smell lovely! *Run to hide*
Then, she comes to me and says, WOW! You are wearing an amazing perfume. *Sigh*
When I eat, she comes and says, your mom makes lovely aloo paranthas. Tell her that I will come home and eat at your place. *Buzz Off!*
Another time she enters the place and says, You make me jealous, you got such a nice hair cut. (She says this at a time when I am cursing myself for having got my long hair chopped off. Hmph!)
Pretty shoes, will you take me to the shop you pick them up from? She asks.
Skeeter tells her the name of the shop, but she insists that she would go with Skeeter and only that. *What sins have I committed?*
Conclusion: I have to re-think if I have a right to smell good, dress well, eat well, speak well, write well and what not. I swear I will strangle her some day. She is killing my patience brutally.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Afresh she starts...

Okay, so even though I can't say much here (security concerns haha), but then I can surely say something.
First things first, Thank You Deepa for my renewed interest in 'You Know What'.
I am fresh, kicked, up and raring to go.
Have been listening to Panchi by Jal and this line goes like...Ye raat abhi dhal jayegi... ye baaaat abhi badal jaayegiii :)
Have been wondering since eons now that when would 'it' happen? And all it took to happen was a phone call from you.
Oh I am so so so nostalgic. As if I have arrived yet again. As if this was what was missing all these years.
This is where I belong. THIS IS ME.
Praying it continues. Praying it never stops. For I am not myself when I am not at it.
Yo!!! You rock, I rock, the world rocks! Aye!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Assets that people play with...

Monday night, I was standing in a small queue at a famous ice cream parlour. Something cushiony, hard hit my elbow. CUT. A week back I was on my routine visit to my favourite vegetable vendor. In the little space that I occupied beneath his stall, something huge and soft hit my elbow and was literally driving me into the blood-red tomatoes that I was picking up in my basket. CUT. A few months back, I used to take the Delhi Metro while coming back from work. There were these lean guys and girls whom I observed being constantly tortured by the same cushiony thing. And the thing I speak of, is not the 'one and only', but many of the enormously huge bellies that the overweight Unclejis and Auntyjis happen to use as an asset in times when they break the queues, pushing innocent little creatures like us, and having their go first.
Now, to the first Uncleji at the ice cream parlour, I gave a peace of my mind by declaring aloud my status in the queue. He got nasty stares from all around and I was happy with that. The second Uncleji at the vegetable stall was about to get a chance to know how strong my elbow is, but I refrained at the last moment, because I figured that there was very less space and he could not fit in there without intruding into my space. God is merciful. For, later on, when I saw the face of that man, he turned out to be a friend of dad's. Haha.
The Unclejis and Auntyjis travelling by the Delhi Metro are the grossest! They do it for fun. And it can cause severe injuries to their fellow travellers. To deal with them just nudge them a little (not much) hard in their food tanks and walk off. Rude as it may sound, this is the only way to teach them a lesson, and perhaps inspire them to lose weight. ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


**** Starry Sparks
A delicious movie, tastefully directed, appropriately sweetened, mildly spiced and beautifully served.
Ratatouille, is the story of a rat named Remy, who wants to be a chef. He accidentally lands in Paris and teaches a young man Linguini (who has no culinary skills) 'how to cook' and 'cook well'. Remy discovers a secret about Linguini and helps him become the master of Gusteau's restaurant. The plot revolves around the journey of the twosome (which is incomplete without the other's presence in their lives) and how they churn out the finest Ratatouille (a dish having its origins in Nice. Originally, it was prepared in the summer with fresh summer vegetables) in France.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The many facets

I was gifted an oil burner. Lighted it up and poured a few drops of sandalwood oil. Ten minutes later, the air was filled with its balmy scent, giving me a high of the sorts that can't be shaped into words for people to read. Neither can it be shared with readers by way of pictures. Nevertheless, I share some pictures of this lovely gift, which I shall cherish forever.

Thank YOU dear for this, and much more.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chandni Chowk mein CHAPPAL...

...toot gayi.

Legwork down the gallis of Old Delhi can be highly intoxicating. Like a kid has to be dragged out of a toy shop, I dragged myself out of Chandni Chowk. After having done the business I had there, no matter how hard I tried, I found myself not budging an inch. Awed, I was, to be in those constricted byways of Purani Dilli.
It was a first visit in ages. A lot has changed, and still, a lot remains unaltered. I admit, if I have to go there daily, I'd choke. Yesterday's visit was an impromptu one. And the pleasure derived from it, is inexplicable.
There she was, shopping for her wedding outfit. I knew she wanted me to be there. And with a single click I popped there. The mammoth task got over in I think a little over five hours (which according to me was super-quick). We were at this shop 'Anarkali', where this sales-boy was putting in all his might to sell us his stuff. Having tolerated him for quite some time now, when the decision (regarding the outfit) was finally made, I was most eager to leave the shop. And it was then that he caught hold of us again. He called to her in the tone of a whisper and with a chuckle he said Ik gal dasan hun twhanu...Ai na Jiju nu na dikhana! Una leyi enu surprise rehn dena (Lemme tell you one thing....Don't show the dress to your fiance, let it be a surprise for him). Quite nonsensical, but then that is their modus operandi, and that is how they 'think' they make loyal customers. Also shopped for some Indian sweets for Mr.P.
On the way back, I was left alone for the 5 minute walk to the metro station that I managed to stretch to about 30 minutes. Couldn't help gazing around me. The garmi did not seem to deter me from admiring the place. Neither did the overcrowded streets. Though on more than one occasion I did find myself swearing aloud at passers-by. And then, Chandni Chowk mein CHAPPAL toot gayi.
There is no such thing as a free lunch, but then one thing you really can get free in India is free advice. Girls tend to get a lot of it. In the Metro, if I prefer to stand some mudblood would say "madam baith jaaiye" and presently, when my footwear malfunctioned in the midst of the busy street of Chandni Chowk, this old chap says "pick it up in your hand" and some more blah that I didn't even care to hear. Huh! Guess he wanted me to walk barefoot on the muddy, animal waste laden streets. Anyway, this old chap, giving free advice got what he deserved by way of verbal action from me. I don't mean to be rude, but then I am fiercely rude when it comes to men trying to act superior in any way.
Anyway, the journey continued and I have promised myself a longer lasting trip to Chandni Chowk as soon as I get the next best opportunity. For, I was amazed to find a big McDonalds' outlet standing there, trying to lure customers from the paranthewalas.
The rest needs to be explored.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's the fuss all about?

Being a foodie is the bane of my existence. I love my food, I love eating out and I love my experiments with all kinds of cuisines. But with the bliss, comes the undesired baggage that I have never asked for, hence the bane. The baggage that I speak of, comes in the form of body fat.
I've been cribbing to myself over the weight for quite sometime now and haven't really been able to do what I've been wanting to do in order to check it. Sitting in front the workstation for 8 hours, only getting up to go for lunch or tea or a trip to the loo, has done a lot of damage already.

But, Thanks to A's wonderful company and my brilliant idea, that we found a way to fight the fat.
Fighting the fat is something that I simply cannot manage do on my own. I need company. I need motivation. The motivation came from V and A both. V always takes the stairs whilst I prefer the lift, and A is moody.
Yesterday, A and I decided that we would take a break from work anytime during the day and climb up and down the stairs several times (starting with 2 sets a day).
Two sets, and we were down and out. Nevertheless it was a beginning and we hope the exercise continues till we decide to move on to a harder regime like gymming et al.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

With the self

Sixty minutes extra in my kitty and I could have a power-packed day. Get out of the bed, laze around a while, make my own cardamom tea and alongwith, a 'healthy' breakfast, read a newspaper, sort the mess (if any) around, arrange a few things that have been pending since ages, read a few pages of a magazine or a book that I've been wanting to read since quite some time, and that gets me going for a good day ahead. Sounds dreamy? Eh!
This is the REAL picture of how it happens: Get out of the bed, no time to think, straight for a shower, a glass of milk shake for brekky, some mad running around the house to gather all that is needed, out of the house in 40 minutes flat or even less. Phew!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Skeeter gets Tagged

If I rememer correctly (bad memory mine, you all should know about it by now), this is the first Tag I am executing. Thanks to J. I was tagged once before by none other than J, but simply kept delaying the post. Then J moved to another blog, and I was no longer obliged to do it.
Life is hell at the moment and I am forcing myself to do this tag to vent out anger, murder boredom and drown thoughts.
J wants me to write about the kind of people I judge.
Here they are:
1.Those who don't have the balls to do what they preach.
2.Liars, who think they are smart and also that the world is a fool.
3.Those who despise others about their ways but do the same things themselves.
Ok, this makes me even angrier. So, I end here.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The secret ain't a secret no more

Got to lay hands on the first copy of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' that arrived at Famous Book Store (Janpath) at 6:25 am this morning. Yipee! Have read the last few pages first, so that nobody spoils the fun for me. It isn't the way I wanted it to be, but then not everything happens your way. I am Happy. No cribbing. No. No. And yes, I am not giving out the "secret" here; even though the websites and news channels all over have aleady done so. To all Potter fans I say Happy Reading! Enjoy!!!A special THANKS to Grain Saint for asking me if I had pre-booked my copy of the book. That's what got me into action. Me was just being a bum, then realized don't wanna be late. :D
JKR reads from the book. Lucky children them, who got to hear it in person.
And here are my countdown pics:


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dilli ki Baarish

As I sat in the office (two days back) filing stories on Mumbai's wicked rains, the Rain God seemed to be engrossed in a conference with his deputies: 'To send or not', the much awaited Dilli ki Baarish. And today(now yesterday 2nd July) was the day they zeroed in on. Though it didn't help but it happened and that was enough to save Dilliwallas from atrociously humid weather(which has just improved slightly).
Dilli ki Baarish is not as famous as its Sardi or Garmi, yet it has its own charm: 1.It makes you wait (for itself) like crazy 2.Then it comes and throws your life outta gear 3.And o' course you can enjoy yummy pakodas be it at home or from the local sweet shops that make those (ok no more food talk here).
Here are a few things I've loved doing on rainy days. But before that I tag Ankur, Anjali, Bobin, Chandrachud, Drozzy, Grain Saint, Manasi, Mr.Mazak, Pritika, J (I know I still haven't finished your tag), Pratish and Rohit to do the same.

And now for the things I have enjoyed doing on rainy days:

* Finished work early on a Sunday (yes I work on weekends), pulled a chair and sat with a copy of Brunch (a magazine by Hindustan Times which had rain on the cover page :) sipping Tetley Elaichi Tea and enjoying rain wash (not literally) Delhi from the 13th and topmost floor balcony of my office.

* Visited a Spa
* Clicked pictures while driving (read being driven) down my favourite stretch of road (by Red Fort).

*Sat by my friend's window in Pune watching the various shades of green outside, while we chatted endlessly.
*And now for the best: Sat on a rock in Lonavala, wearing a windcheater, and had bhutta (corn) while the rain washed away all the lemon and masala that was put on it by my host.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

And here's yet another!

I come back home and find yet another attempt(failed)!!! Will they never give up? Ufffffffff!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lights and all that Jazz

Home after a hectic day at work(as if other days are not so) I find yet another desperate attempt to lure me into putting the tubelight off at night. If I am comfy with it on, what is anyone's problem? Anyway I find these li'l thingies cute. God knows where they fetch 'em from! I will have a huge collection in some time. I'm quite sure of that. Maybe I can have an exhibition of lights then! Huh!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Laggey Raho!

Finally caught the dudes in action yesterday!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life in a.. Metro and Spidey sickness

I happened to catch a movie on the first day in months on Friday, the 11th. Thanks to the enthusiasm shown by A. When I say 'catch' I mean it literally. We went at our best speed to catch the Delhi Metro to ultimately catch 'Life in a... Metro'. We even took a cycle-rickshaw for the shortest distance so that we could get the tickets on time and not miss out the trailers :D
And now the review, well, sort of.
Rating: 3.50 Starry Sparks
The first rating I gave was 3.25 starry sparks, but then I changed it to 3.50 starry sparks. The reason being that I was so put off by the pairing of Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali that my initial reaction was a screeching WHY and then followed the 3.25.
Anyway, first of all I applaud Anurag Basu, the Director saab. He has brilliantly woven the story of the nine protagonists of the movie; a landmark that not many Indian directors have been capable of achieving so far. Then, hats off to the Konkona Sen-Irrfan Khan starrer scenes. The duo compliment each other very well. Kay Kay Menon's performance is a fine one as you come out of the theatre hating him. That is precisely what his role should actually make you feel like. But I found the Shilpa-Kay Kay pairing a bit odd. Then o' course there are these 3 guys who keep humming a tune and seem to be omnipresent. As soon as they see a philmi situation happeneing, they pop out onto the screen and start off. Vele log! :D
Storyline - I ain't giving out all. Just an outline.
Rahul, (played by Sharman Joshi) is a call centre executive who loves his colleague Neha (played by Kangana Ranaut). Ranjeet (Kay Kay Menon) is their boss. Neha has climbed up the ladder of success way too soon as her boss loves her. But they have a non-commital relationship. Ranjeet is married to Shikha (Shilpa Shetty). They have a daughter and a married life that is on the rocks. Neha is Shruti's (Konkona) roommate. And Shruti is Shikha's (Shilpa) sister. In short the nine protagonists are linked to each other in some way or the other.
Okay..I could've written more here... but I do not want to confuse you guys. Rest you should find out for yourselves if you plan to watch the movie. But I would like to add here that the movie depicts the lives of ppl in a metro (Mumbai here) very well.
Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen - Par excellence. Shilpa Shetty - Worth an applaud.
Shrman Joshi - Good.
Dharmendra - :
Nafisa Ali - Pleasant as always.
Kangana Ranaut - Poor.
Shiney Ahuja - OK
Kay Kay Menon - Perfect.
The downside:
1.The Dharmendra-Nafisa pairing.
2.Ranaut's strange acceptance of Sharman's love (it wasn't tastefully done)
3.The treatment of Shilpa's character towards the end of the story (She should've taken a step that was bolder, bigger and better)

Best Scene: From the Climax involving Konkona and Irrfan (who is superb!)

Spidey Sickness
Imagine him on this building :D
I am not well. I really need to see Spiderman-3 to be good again. Whenever I stand in the balcony of my office building, which happens to be on the 13th and the topmost floor, I get this feeling that the evil Spidey dressed up in his black dress will come climbing this wall. :D No I haven't lost it. It is just Spidey Sickness.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Some days are just purrfect!!!

And I enjoyed one yesterday :)
A shopping spree it was...My cupboard boasts of some nice summer clothes now and the darling digicam is back to life. Yes! I finally got a new battery charger.
And while I had just begun cursing the weather, the Rain Gods showered mercy and plenty of it :D The icing on the cake was the fact that we were sitting on the first floor of a restaurant with wide glass windows. Our table was laid next to the window and watching the rain drops slip through the windowpane was like visitng Paradise.

We signed off with a cup of Blackforest Gelato (which happened to be the flavour of the week) each :D

And yes all this happened on a Sunday, a day when I rarely get my day off from work!

Friday, April 27, 2007

For all those who take Harry Potter to be a kids' thing

Have been hearing people calling Harry Potter books as Children's fiction since eons now. Without meaning to start any kind of war here (I hate fights) I would like to say- If a book revolves around kids it does not automatically become a children's book. JKR never wrote the book (first and others) with a target audience in mind. Here's a quote from the author: I never thought about writing for children, children's books chose me.
In another interview of hers that I had read long time back, she said she wrote the book for herself. Simply meaning that if the book is good anyone can read it.
If somebody who knows I love HP says 'hehe' or 'haha' or press their lips to suppress the smile, I also suppress a smile and think 'GET A LIFE DUDE! DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR! BUY ONE HP FOR YOURSELF.' This is not just for them, but all visitors to ma blog: DO READ AN HP ONCE IN YOUR LIFE :)
If I am sounding like an obssessed HP/JKR fan then be it. NO regrets!
I am sad that the HP series is gonna end. But the six books (and the seventh one - Deathly Hallows, when it arrives) will be a treasure I would cherish all my life. Also, I am adding a countdown ticker for the last book on the blog. That, being an ode to the absoltutely fantabulous series of books and Jo, the rockstar!
So, here are the closing words from me:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Insomniacs' Night Out

The date between 19th April and 20th April (if any exists)

Time - 4:15 am

Pa: Wassup?
Skeets: I am NOT slping! So don't u try to put that light off!
Pa: Oh ok. What is with u and ur light?
Skeets: I can't breathe if you turn it off!
Pa: Care for a walk? (Skips the light part and comes to the point)
Skeets: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Skeets: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Still thinking)
Skeets: Hv nothing better to do.. Ok i will come with you!
Pa: Chal taiyyar hoke aaja (Happily leaves ma room).

4.30 am
We reach a park near our place. That we would take 2 rounds is already decided. The air is pleasant. Slightly on the colder side. It exudes freshness. I love that. The silence is lovely too! My thoughts wander to Dobby and our glassi gang (as i call it). He would probably freak out at the prospect of seeing(or even thinking for that matter) me up at 4:15am and that too for a walk! I am no more the lazy Reety Skeety he had once known [not that much atleast ;)]. The glassi gang had to make umpteen calls to me to ensure that I wake up on time to join them for the weekend lunches, or movies... Miss u ppl!
Back to the present, as we walk we notice there r a few more insomniacs doing the rounds in the park. As day starts breaking a few more ppl enter the park. But it is time for us to leave.
Just as a proof that I HAVE seen wot 4:15AM looks like.. I clicked the pics that follow. Twas dark and dat was the best I could get considering the fact that Pa was giving me weird looks and perhaps could not understand the point behind my night time photograpy. I had to click really fast.
Ah yes! We promised each other to come bk again at the same time. But till now no such thing has happened :D ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dilli ki Garmi

Dilli ki garmi (Yes, it is just as famous as the Sardi, but for all the wrong reasons) announces its arrival. The Mercury is hovering around 40 degrees celsius already. And i've been trying to find places to chill out. Here are the few I think I will b found this summer season: 1.Saltz @ GK-I M block - the place that inspired me to write this post and one more. 2.PVR Plaza - This is one place I absolutely love. The Metro to here, is the best. It drops me a minute's walk away from PVR Plaza. And for that reason as well as others, Plaza is my darling movie hall in Delhi. 3.Market Cafe @ Khan Mkt - I've grown to love this place since I visited it the first time. In toto three visits makes this place my most loved cafe in town. The only gud/bad point being the sooo many stairs that I hv to climb to reach there. Gud, coz I will do some exercise while climbing them; bad coz i am lazy enough to do so :D
Market Cafe

I resolute NOT to go out window-shopping anymore. Atleast not during summers. I lose my head if the heat touches me. And I want to be sane this summer unlike the MAD MAD Delhi traffic. I hv observed for myself that as the mercury rises the insanity of Delhi drivers grows manifold. No kidding there! The traffic starts getting heavier and noisier, the honking increases, the accidents too go up! Uffff!!!
Oh yeah! I start loving office more :D Coz of the full power back up! Ha ha! I frequent movie halls for the same reason. Grinnnnnn! I prefer not to shop for the same reason! :D