Saturday, September 29, 2007

Afresh she starts...

Okay, so even though I can't say much here (security concerns haha), but then I can surely say something.
First things first, Thank You Deepa for my renewed interest in 'You Know What'.
I am fresh, kicked, up and raring to go.
Have been listening to Panchi by Jal and this line goes like...Ye raat abhi dhal jayegi... ye baaaat abhi badal jaayegiii :)
Have been wondering since eons now that when would 'it' happen? And all it took to happen was a phone call from you.
Oh I am so so so nostalgic. As if I have arrived yet again. As if this was what was missing all these years.
This is where I belong. THIS IS ME.
Praying it continues. Praying it never stops. For I am not myself when I am not at it.
Yo!!! You rock, I rock, the world rocks! Aye!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Assets that people play with...

Monday night, I was standing in a small queue at a famous ice cream parlour. Something cushiony, hard hit my elbow. CUT. A week back I was on my routine visit to my favourite vegetable vendor. In the little space that I occupied beneath his stall, something huge and soft hit my elbow and was literally driving me into the blood-red tomatoes that I was picking up in my basket. CUT. A few months back, I used to take the Delhi Metro while coming back from work. There were these lean guys and girls whom I observed being constantly tortured by the same cushiony thing. And the thing I speak of, is not the 'one and only', but many of the enormously huge bellies that the overweight Unclejis and Auntyjis happen to use as an asset in times when they break the queues, pushing innocent little creatures like us, and having their go first.
Now, to the first Uncleji at the ice cream parlour, I gave a peace of my mind by declaring aloud my status in the queue. He got nasty stares from all around and I was happy with that. The second Uncleji at the vegetable stall was about to get a chance to know how strong my elbow is, but I refrained at the last moment, because I figured that there was very less space and he could not fit in there without intruding into my space. God is merciful. For, later on, when I saw the face of that man, he turned out to be a friend of dad's. Haha.
The Unclejis and Auntyjis travelling by the Delhi Metro are the grossest! They do it for fun. And it can cause severe injuries to their fellow travellers. To deal with them just nudge them a little (not much) hard in their food tanks and walk off. Rude as it may sound, this is the only way to teach them a lesson, and perhaps inspire them to lose weight. ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


**** Starry Sparks
A delicious movie, tastefully directed, appropriately sweetened, mildly spiced and beautifully served.
Ratatouille, is the story of a rat named Remy, who wants to be a chef. He accidentally lands in Paris and teaches a young man Linguini (who has no culinary skills) 'how to cook' and 'cook well'. Remy discovers a secret about Linguini and helps him become the master of Gusteau's restaurant. The plot revolves around the journey of the twosome (which is incomplete without the other's presence in their lives) and how they churn out the finest Ratatouille (a dish having its origins in Nice. Originally, it was prepared in the summer with fresh summer vegetables) in France.