Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Summer 2010

So yeah Skeety is back... And yo! it is summer...Maybe she was in hibernation or whatever...
It has been a nice break and Skeety might jsut be back to posting more often...What makes her pick up the pen..oops keryboard today is the fact that with the arrival of summer her theory 'There are two kinds of people on earth' those who stink and those who are capable of combatting body odour... This post is for the benefit of the former and those (like Skeety) who suffer alongwith:
Never wear the same clothes daily
Smell you armpits atleast once a day and before doing eeeeeeeeeyu think about those who die daily thanks to you
Ask office/home/temples for donation if you cannot afford a nice deo or a thanda thanda cool cool talc
Seek help from dadi ke nuskhey or home remedy tips like dipping feet in light tea water...wear cotton socks only yada yada...
And if you cannot do any of the above keep your goddamn arms down and feet on earth rather than raising them for the world to smell and die...
Save us from the ordeal God