Sunday, December 10, 2006

Reading newspapers

Read the newspapers after a long long long time today... Realised that I should read often... They don't have stale news...they assemble some really nice and useful info at times... Here is a list of the Times Magazine's list of the coolest websites one must visit:

Also found was this ad which has been shouting in my head ever since i read it: Reeta PUHLEASEEEEE go to Dilli Haat once again!!!


mazak said...

nice and useful post skeeterji ....the list of coolest websites is hot ......u need to be a little more regular with the newspapers ,they do serve fresh news but it becomes stale with time !

Bobin said...

You know, that reminds me, I need to start reading newspapers again. Haven't done that in ages :P As in regularly, daily, the way I used to.

Interesting list there.. Some I already have in my bookmarks, some I need to add.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Mr.Mazak: :D yeah i need to b regular... but no matter how regular I may try to be, I know I can't be as good as u at reading them :P Cheers!
Bobin: I promise myself the same everytime...more than the promise part it feels gud.. but can never read 'em daily the way i used far as the list is concerned... is my, some of them I hv visited and some, I will start visiting :) Cheers!

Manasi said...

Apparently these ppl missed the mother of all sites :

Imagine a day without google...phewwwwww!!

Rohit Talwar said...

You forgot!

I read in the bus while going to college! :P

Manasi said...

Aah...technically google is a search engine..but literally its still the mother of all sites ;-D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Manasi: They 'did' mention google in the story; I skipped it coz Google is SO big that all know about it :)I cannot agree more... I call Google as Google Mata :) Cheers!
Rohit: I just mentioned wot the paper mentioned :) Cheers! Happy Blogging!

Rohit Anand said...

go to

for a more sober dose of news\articles et al.


dRoZzY!!! said...

skeeter and her gyan!!!

Arz000n said...

I msised visiting DElhi haat when I was in delhi last year for a project.... :((((

Thanks for letting us know the importance of newspaper....that was really nice :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Rohit A: thanks for the info.
Drozzy: :P
arz000n: All MUST visit Delhi Haat whenever possible... Cheers! Happy Blogging!