Monday, May 7, 2007

Some days are just purrfect!!!

And I enjoyed one yesterday :)
A shopping spree it was...My cupboard boasts of some nice summer clothes now and the darling digicam is back to life. Yes! I finally got a new battery charger.
And while I had just begun cursing the weather, the Rain Gods showered mercy and plenty of it :D The icing on the cake was the fact that we were sitting on the first floor of a restaurant with wide glass windows. Our table was laid next to the window and watching the rain drops slip through the windowpane was like visitng Paradise.

We signed off with a cup of Blackforest Gelato (which happened to be the flavour of the week) each :D

And yes all this happened on a Sunday, a day when I rarely get my day off from work!


Nee said...

Aw, sound deeee-vine!

Pritika said...

who wrote that paradise thingy on the table?? and with what?

sounds like skeets had a lovely day! i'm happy for you babes, i'm hooked to gelato esp the fererro rocher flavour and the orange youghurt, which is just divine (dive - in!)

Mr. J said...

Blackforest... I don't think this is available outside India or maybe i'm looking in the wrong places. But i sure do make up for it by eating 1kg of blackforest iced cake all by myself once in 6 months.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Nee: It was! :)
Pritika: It was already written there.. i just clicked like the J****I(;) (lol) Will try the orange yoghurt someday...
Mr.J: It can be either ways...Wow! 1kg at 1 go! sahi hai! I cant even try going half way :( ;) :D

Apoorv Gawde said...

I like the ice cream photu!!
suber! :D you are so right, some days are just perfect!!

Eastmancolour said...

Rain drops falling chhamaa chhamm chhamm !
neat hai :D

nice post..lively like always!

Cyberkitty said...

The ice cream looks yumm ! I enjoyed the rain yesterday too and the hailstones... they were painful ! Ouch !

A Nerd Anarch said...

And now I know, where to satisfy my culinary curiosities !

Reeta Skeeter said...

Apoorv: :) thx
eastmancolor: yesh cham chamaa cham :D
cyberkitty: I escaped the hailstones as i was watching a movie :D But the weatehr sure was nice and now the silly sun is back!
A Nerd Anarch: nice name! where's ur blog? to satisfy culinary curiosities visit my food blog :D

Ankur said...

oye...datz the same title i used for one of my posts! :p
i know how it feels to have a gud time in the midst of all those days of cribbing about work, the workplace, the people arnd, the summer heat...just a reminder from God maybe that life is beautiful! :)

btw, der aren't any pics of the restaurant, just the name board at the entrance!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

omg the ice creams look so delicious! i've given up ice creams and chocolatesssssssss :( :( :(