Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dilli ki Baarish

As I sat in the office (two days back) filing stories on Mumbai's wicked rains, the Rain God seemed to be engrossed in a conference with his deputies: 'To send or not', the much awaited Dilli ki Baarish. And today(now yesterday 2nd July) was the day they zeroed in on. Though it didn't help but it happened and that was enough to save Dilliwallas from atrociously humid weather(which has just improved slightly).
Dilli ki Baarish is not as famous as its Sardi or Garmi, yet it has its own charm: 1.It makes you wait (for itself) like crazy 2.Then it comes and throws your life outta gear 3.And o' course you can enjoy yummy pakodas be it at home or from the local sweet shops that make those (ok no more food talk here).
Here are a few things I've loved doing on rainy days. But before that I tag Ankur, Anjali, Bobin, Chandrachud, Drozzy, Grain Saint, Manasi, Mr.Mazak, Pritika, J (I know I still haven't finished your tag), Pratish and Rohit to do the same.

And now for the things I have enjoyed doing on rainy days:

* Finished work early on a Sunday (yes I work on weekends), pulled a chair and sat with a copy of Brunch (a magazine by Hindustan Times which had rain on the cover page :) sipping Tetley Elaichi Tea and enjoying rain wash (not literally) Delhi from the 13th and topmost floor balcony of my office.

* Visited a Spa
* Clicked pictures while driving (read being driven) down my favourite stretch of road (by Red Fort).

*Sat by my friend's window in Pune watching the various shades of green outside, while we chatted endlessly.
*And now for the best: Sat on a rock in Lonavala, wearing a windcheater, and had bhutta (corn) while the rain washed away all the lemon and masala that was put on it by my host.


Pritika said...

hey babes! thanks for tagging moi, i'm honoured :)

Your post reminded me of the nice things that make our sometimes overwhelming life look welcoming and cosy.

"The many shades of green" in pune, i would do anything to be able to see such a sight outside my window :)

Anonymous said...

As much I enjoy baarish.. yesterday night-and for that matter today' noon-I couldn't help myself from sleeping *sigh* :-(
I didn't really choose so.. but some inevitable circumstances compelled to do so.. All in All.. I simply felt 'J' after reading ur post
And I enjoy samosas with tea more than pakodas n this weather ;-)

R said...

I hate tags :(

Man, Lonavla must have been fun! I have heard so much about it.. and I wonder when it's going to rain seriously here. Everytime it rains for about twenty minutes and the humidity rises. :-/ Ugh!

Anonymous said...

hi there..the blog www.bhangistories.blogspot.com is henceforth renamed.. www.midnightchants.blogspot.com..

Unknown said...

I tagged you?? :O Kabh??

I got an awesome welcome today upon reaching home.. the weather was sooo breezy and cloudy and pleasant.. :D

Manasi said...

In Delhi..perhaps rains were refreshing..

but here in Sydney...its crazyy...it rains and rains...and rains any time. And it not just rains....it "RAINS"..the wind is perpetually blowing alll the time.
For the first few days may be its ok but after that it just gets on to your nerves..3 umbrellas fought but couldnt stay in the battlefield for long..so bought a new one.I never imagined investing soo much on umbrellas man.Its frikkin supa crazy windy rainy here....

Recently there was a storm that lasted for 4 days with wind blowing @ rnd 100 km/hr..I had almost forgotten what the yellow ball in the sky looked like.

oh crapp!!!!was that too much of frust? :D

Cyberkitty said...

I love the rains. This year Delhi has been much cooler than usual.

Manasi said...

bolo bolo kaun hai vo? ;-)

Manasi said...

guess not...he thinks the post is too girlY to comment :-D

Little Miss Muffet said...

that sound so amazing! watching the rain drops fall while you're sitting on a rock, sheltering under a roadside stall having pakoda and chai..gosh..i miss being in bombay..feeling really nostalgic now :(

Ankur Arora said...



Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello Reeta.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.:)

Keshi said...

I love the Spa.


Eastmancolour said...


Dilli ki baarish is something aye? :D
miss the whole wet mess! hehe.
Westerly is different i tellya!

oh hey
welcome back to moi :D

Reeta Skeeter said...

pritika: :D ;)
a nerd anarch: Samosas r equally good I agree!
Rohit Talwar: Lonavala was indeed fun! Well, it still hasn't rained seriously :( sigh!
abhimanyu: will chk it out :) cheers!
J: long time back :D from the other blog..
manasi: nah its oks.. do the tag on ur own webpage :D not here :P
Cyberkitty: Not anymore.. it has been too humid these days.. sigh
Little miss muffet: bombay and pune rains are THE best :D
ankur: :P comment kar diya fir bhi publicity yahan!
sweetstickychewy: u r welcome here :D
keshi: me two!
easmancolor: u shud rename ur blog Mr.India :P (for the unexplained absence)

b. said...

Ya Dilli ki baarish is always special!!! But its not been raining that much since.... :(

Ankur Arora said...

publicity nahi...just dat my post is a comment on this post! :)

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