Friday, December 21, 2007

Movie Rules and Movies RULE!

Skeety went for a movie and came back cribbing (in the head) like a 100-years' old granny. Oops! Okay agreed Skeety is 257.
Picture this: Skeets with a ballooned face, muttering and muddling hurriedly under her breath; walking fast.
For self-satisfaction, or merely putting the cribbing mind into words, Skeety came up with a set of Movie Rules, which obviously none will follow :| ; but which, if followed, will make movie-watching a pleasant experience.
  • A Queue is a Q is a Queue.
It will move faster IF and only IF all are just a little more patient.
None will drop a single precious popcorn (slurrrp), none will spill their drink if the queue is followed.
  • Make it a point to reach early for the movie (atleast 10 minutes prior).
This way some good people who have reached before you will be saved from the displeasure of seeing your head in between their anxious eyes and the screen, while you are trying to locate your seat.
  • Keep your digicams, sweets (chewies), data cables, other such stuff at home/in your car when you know you are going for a movie.
People who have already taken pains to do that, face the displeasure of standing in long queues for their turned to be frisked. Utter displeasure that!

  • When using public loos (read the ones at the movie hall) or for that matter the ones at home, ALWAYS remember that time seems to stretch itself longer when you are on the other (out) side of the loo.
The ones standing for their turn will miss more of their movie than you will (all because of your 5 extra minutes in there).
So be quick. Ha!

  • Mind your feet!
If you have paid money to watch the movie and enjoy your 'seat' others have done that too! If you have long legs, make them stay put. Do not disturb those sitting in front of you by kicking their seats every now and then.

  • Keep your mobile phone on Silent/Off mode. The aliens are watching!


crasiezt said...

Looks like Skeety went to PVR:-) Which movie by the way? Hope it wasn't "Welcome", cause the movie really sucked!
I agree with you on the queue thing, and most of the other stuff as well, but try as I might, I usually get to a movie 10 minutes AFTER it has started..hehehe.
Liked the post..sarcastically funny:D

Peenuts said...

Heyyyy regarding the 4th pt...yaar its not that someone takes time deliberately..its something u really dont hav control over :P

And the last pt is very valid...i really hate it when someone's cell rings in the midst of a movie..and if the movie s a terrible one, it really adds to my miseries

Gonecase said...

That was damn funny Popcorn Queen. Add chilate hue chote bachhe to the list, grrrr...

deeps79 said...

its very well true for all cinema halls in delhi and more or less in the country.......but my worst movie watching experiences has been of chennai.......
very well said and i hope people do read it........

don said...

An interesting set of rules. i hate to be kicked in the back of my seat! NIce post.

umangexuberance said...

hehe...agree hands down on all the points..the insufferables :D
and add to the list toddlers who trip and throw popcorn all over you or babies crying their lungs out in every effort to make sure you don't catch a single word of what's going on on-screen

by the way
merrry chrismas loads of hugs and kisses from queen santa (bee :D)


Apun Ka Desh said...

Good Ones.

Stop talking in the theatre! Let others listen to the movie, and not your chit-chat!

Reeta Skeeter said...

crasiezt: Nah not PVR, but Skeety likes PVR. Yeah she went for Welcome and what a stoopid movie :| hasi bhi ni ayi :(
peenuts: You never know. Some ppl love to spend a lifetime in there...
gonecase: Popcorn Queen I am hehe. Yeah shrieking kids uwainnnn..
deeps79: R u who I think u r?
Thanks :)
don: thx! me too!
umang: heeee yeah. I agree (about toddlers). Wish you a good year ahead :)
Apun Ka Desh: thx for dropping by... and yeah interesting point there...

Bobin said...

Zankoo zankoo! :)

Have moved to Bombay..

crasiezt said...

See, I knew it was Welcome!!I'm the all-knowing devil:D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Bobin: Oh I see..hmm...where there?
crasiezt: heheheheheh!

backpakker said...

good one..:) wish you a very hapy new year

Anil P said...

I wish the aliens would do something than just watch :)

'Time Stops at Shamli', has Ruskin Bond managed to still time with this offering?

Reeta Skeeter said...

backpakker: ji apko bhi HNY!
Anil P: Yes he has :) For me atleast. Welcome to my space!

Prax said...

Seems like i'm a follower already.

I'm not so loo-conscious.. I take my own sweet time.

Hail to the new "Q" Queen, they should put it in newspaper headlines...

Q in the Q!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Prax: :D

miracle child!! said...

your points are of utmost importance.last one specially!