Thursday, February 7, 2008

The little one...

She came, she saw, she conquered: me, us.
And then, she moved on, to conquer the world.

Starry eyes
dreaming skies.
Little hands
holding on tight
Oh, the way they fight (me).
Unruly hair
I used to tie them in a pony (fountain-style)
my little noneee :D
She sits somewhere there,
gazing out of her window, forlorn,
wishing we all were there (together).
Her chuckles,
they still reverberate through the walls of the house...
The naughty tricks,
How, together, we watched them, flicks.
I sit here (thinking her),
Only wishing she was near.

Happy Birthday to Nearly Headless Nick!
Love You!


Ankur said...

MF!(your style ;-))
She's an Aquarian, no wonder you love her much. :)
She'll be back after the conquest soon. Happy times will roll again, the wait will be over, soon!

Gonecase said...

Aaj ke zamane mein aisa behan-behan ka pyaar kahan dekhne ko milta hai, meri to aankhon mein aansoo aa gaye *sob n sniff* :P

Meri taraf se bhi Happy wala Bday, ab cake lao bus jaldi se :D

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

firstly happy happy bday... and cake, haan.. cake lao plzzz :D .. btw, main toh cake ke liye delhi bhi aa jaunga :P ... nice write..

thoda gaayab types ho gaya tha main, bt now i am back with a bang !!! :)


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

happy b'day
i am an aquarian too

as per winters
enjy winters:)


Preethi said...

hey, Happy Birthday Ms. Skeeter / Nearly headless nick- gud one there he heee and the li'l poem too, whimsical. Saw the wishes in The Daily Prophet ;)

c e e d y said...

cool.....true aquarian traits.....out to conquer

Reeta Skeeter said...

Ankur: :D ;D Danke! And uffff at her and someone else being aquarian :P
gonecase: Oho oho oho.. I didn't write the script for a silly flick...that is the way you make it sound like! Ha ha :)
Cake...avashya :D
rohit: :) thanks...
aditi "jiggs": When's yours? Thanks :D Welcome here
preethi: Heee :D It was not Skeeter's but Nearly Headless Nick's budday :P Thanks anyway... yeah me too read it in the DP :d
ceedy: thanks... yeah :D

Rohit Jain (felon) said...

so cake kab milega???? :)

crasiezt said...

Happy bday to Nearly Headless Nick!!
And three cheers to the writer..reminds me of the fact that I haven't been with my lil bro on his bday in the last 2 years:-(

dharmabum said...

nearly headless nick. thats a funny name, and i wonder what it means.

and well, we think of someone so dearly, they sure are near :)

don said...

A captivating picture and comment to clinch the hold the picture begins! This makes me doubly appreciate the fact that I get to be with my son today to celebrate his birthday.

elusive said...

Happy Budday nick! Mes an aquarian too =) so mes headless too..heh

Anonymous said...

he he happy birthday....headless Nick...:)

Rohit Talwar said...

That's rather too sweet to write for someone :)
Birthday wishes for your friend!

Reeta Skeeter said...

crasiezt: Thank You, Thank You!
Don't worry next time make sure you are with him :)
dharmabum: Nearly Headless Nick is the name of a friendly ghost from harry potter... :D
Thanks :D
don: Thank You :)
elusive: Thanks :D Happy Budday o you too... when is it?
anonymous: whozzat?
RT: thanks.. its my sister :D

di.di said...

My sis is an Aquarius too, she is quite outspoken!

backpakker said...

lovely birthday greeting..and what a

MeMyself_n_I said...

happy birthday to your sister. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww...! Happy Birthday to her!

K M F said...

i just say "Happy Birthday "

Reeta Skeeter said...

didi: :D mine too!
backpakker: thanks :D the name is a character from Harry Potter.
MeMyself_n_I: Hey thanks!
siropdevanille: :)
k m f : thanks :)

Endevourme said...

some nice pics here :D
keep up!

umangexuberance said...

aaaah!! you miss her like hell..
don't worry you'll nonni would be back soon and then you can go back to those shared fights and flicks :)

by the way, as you can see.. I am back :D