Sunday, March 2, 2008

Engaging walks...

Went for a walk to Connaught Place.
I am now at least half-a-kilo lighter after the long walk ;)
Clicked like there's no tomorrow.
Went on to Sitaram Bazaar in Old Delhi.
Glided past some beautiful old houses.
In them, lies the real heritage of Delhi.

They can give the so-called posh houses of South Delhi, a beauty complex.
Saw a netaji ki rally. Pooh Pooh at that!
Ate some real good street food. Kuremal's Kulfi and Baburam's golgappe for the records.
Long Lovely Day.
Ended it with a warm water foot-soak, followed by a generous splash of refreshing peppermint spray on the tootsies.
So, this is how I celebrated Pea-NUT's birthday.
Notes to the self: Pliss walk more often. Pliss wear sneakers daily. Pliss Pliss Pliss.


AlterinG Abhishek said...


dRoZzY!!! said...

bahut khoob....
akele akele photu walk?
socha gabbar khuss hoga...
sabaasi dega?

Woodsmoke said...

Ah Delhi!

Nice post, Skeeter.

J said...

the blue doors pic is amazing.

~ ॐ ~ said...


next time directions too... take the first right, look for the blue door, take the next left... find that 3 ft wide lane... get inside... waise wale :)

treasure hunt mein aasaani hogi :)

Gonecase said...

Aish karke aayi hai ... tere bhasha mein sooopar sunday :D

Ramit Singal said...

Cannaught Place = A summary of everything that Delhi is, has been, and probably will be.

The Keeper of the Keys said...

ooooh...we love walking around cp...sometimes we bunk college simply to take a walk arnd inner circle once or twice
its great fun..!!!!

Rohit Talwar said...

The second picture is awesome!

Anonymous said...

:) I love CP! Really nice pictures...! And yes, sneakers are a must there! Hehe!

Anonymous said...

Someone has been exploring Delhi a lot. :)Aha nice to see good old sitaram bazar.

Reeta Skeeter said...

AA: :)
dRoZzY: Sorry Gabbar unkil..humka muaafi deyi do..Agli baar aapko sath leke jaungi...Aisi galti dobara ni hogi.Pliss hath mat kaatna :P
Sabasi to hum waise bhi le hi lenge. Hu ha ha.
Woodsmoke: Ji haan Dilli. Thanks :D
j: thanks J.
~ ॐ ~: Avashya....Wo aisa hota hai na ki main jaake wahan idhar udhar Old Delhi ki beauty nihaarne mein lag jaati hun...Aaage se try karungi.
LOL@ treasure hunt. This was indeed one!!! :P
Gonecase: yes...ek dum super!
Ramit Singal: Right :) and it is C"o"nnaught Place.
The Keeper of the Keys: ;D I am sure :P
Rohit Talwar: Shukriya :)
siropdevanille: Thanks Thanks :D
Star Investor: And why not? :D You are familiar with the area?

crasiezt said...

What beautiful pictures! And the peppermint spray..ah! refreshing:-)

~ Deeps ~ said...

good pics spl the ones from bazaar sitaram..........kuremal kulfi.....great.......i need to go there soon now with winters officially over.........

B. O'Hemian said...

Nice! Although I didn't get it how someone can go to CP and lose half kg! If I went to CP, I would lose half kg from the walking and gain two kg from all the eating!

c e e d y said...


first i like drozzy's comment....

cool pics....i used to do this in bombay a lot when i was there...have seen lots of parts of the city this way
and now its NYC....walking there is fun too.....

cool and you made me hungry though :(

Reeta Skeeter said...

crasiezt: Thx crazy :D
~ Deeps ~: Thank You Deepak :) Yeah go go go soon! :D
B. O'Hemian: ;) Maine kuch khaya hi nahi :P
c e e d y: hehe yes it is interesting...thanks :)


Aditya said...

Those snaps are really cool... so deep ... nice stuff to chance upon...

gunj said...

boy...ive been to CP sooo many times in my life but ive neva seen it d way u did....boy im soooo J of u!!

Ankur said...

Photography...walking...going great! Wondering who gives you such ideas! ;-)

d SINNER!!! said...

wow....the pics esp the homes, even the flowers and also the pillar place is so amazin...wish i had gone for a walk...


Reeta Skeeter said...

aditya: thank you...welcome here :D
gunj: he he ty ty! :D
ankur: hehe keep w"a"! :P ;D ===================================
d SINNER!!! : :D thank you ji... :) why don't you just go someday?

SwAThi.... said...

Wow cool pics...

Nishant Chandgotia said...


the pictures were

freesherry said...

skeety.. those pics were just fabulous

backpakker said...

delhi looks so beautiful in your eyes..loved the pic of the flowers...taaliyan !!

dharmabum said...

golguppa and kulfi. *drool*

i remember this shop somewhere in CP - small one - think it is called cantever or something - they sell bottled cold milk, and i really liked it :)

Renovatio said...

Would I be a real bastard to talk about focus here? :p

Reeta Skeeter said...

swathi: thanks!
Nishant Chandgotia: Thanks :)
freesherry: thanks ji
backpakker: * grin * thanks
dharmabum: :D it is called Keventers...
Renovatio: Not at all... good point raised... I am aware :) Will keep that in mind next time. TY. And such comments are MOST welcome.

Impressionist said...

loved the pics! :)


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

been to cp a loota times myself but its looks so good in the pics
never saw it thru the lens

wao it is good:)

dharmabum said...

keventers, yeah, thats the one.

the last time, i also went to this place, again in CP - think it was called coffee house or something, but it was a full fledged restaurant, and whats more, they also served booze. now what more can bums ask for, excepting of course, i found it a tad expensive for bum standards! :))

Mystique said...

photos all came adha-adha on my comp. still, what I saw, I liked.
I gotta do that sometime. learn to see the ordinary differently.

and reno has a slight point about focus. ESPECIALLY the blue doors pic.
but who'm I to talk.....

rOhit said...

CP! hmm... you got me back some old Delhi memories!
Naaaiiice! :)

elusive said...

nice pictures..i love the old houses bombay the parsi houses are lovely.

di.di said...

one pair of comfortable sneakers to keep my feet comfortable all day long... That's all I need for my trip besides my fleece jacket.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Connaught Place is really a Royal heritage to Delhi...Nice photographs and information

Reeta Skeeter said...

Impressionist: thanks :)
Aditi 'Jiggs': :D thank you.
dharmabum: You are talking about United Coffee House now.. awesome chai and pakodas they serve...
Mystique: Thanks girl... i know about the focus but.. twas taken on a moving rickshaw...and y cannot u say something? :) frank opinions are welcome...
Rohit: :)
elusive: :) thx! you bet... old houses r just mmm too good!
didi: :)
Raghu Ram Prasad: hey thx :)