Monday, April 28, 2008

The Delhi Diary

So fellas, enough of boring the self as well as friends who visit Skeets here with SAD stuff...
Life is about happiness, energy, sharing, and caring.
Caring, the word reminds me of the frequent abuses I get to hear about my Darling Dilli. Have been meaning to write a post on the same ever since, and finally found some motivation:

This signboard, Skeets read whilst on way to work and was happy to see 'My Delhi' written there. Skeeter almost jumped out of the car on seeing it. Then, she took out the camera and clicked instead. ;)
To all those who hurl abuses at Dilli... Dilli being this and Dilli being that, and the others who call us Delhiites names (ruthless, rude, insensitive and what not) I would like to say: crime is everywhere and bad people are omnipresent. Rather, if all the world were to be sane, what would be the fun living THAT sorta life?
Skeets is keen on sharing one of the many good moments in Delhi with some of the kindest people she's met. On two occasions, Skeets remembers visiting the famed Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi wala in Bazaar Sitaram, old Delhi (post on Delhi Foodies' Zone is pending). When Skeets visited the place for the first time, she asked a lady to give her the directions. The lady was kind enough to not only give Skeets the directions, but make sure (by keeping a stern eye) that Skeeter reached the place she desired to go. The second time also the same got repeated. Skeets knows the narration of this incident is not enough to calm your hot heads, if you've had bad experiences. Infact, dRoZzY, a Delhi-lover and a dear friend keeps forbidding Skeets (dramatising the consequences) from venturing to Old Delhi unaccompanied. And Skeets has had a hard time explaining to him that things are not bad there in that part of Dilli. And that reminds Skeeter of a pending tag.
dRoZzY and Ankur have tagged Skeets on a rather long questionnaire. And Skeets is in no mood to do a tag for now, so she thought of writing about these two fellas (which happens to be one of the questions in the tag). Skeets shall therefore be saved from the accusation of dishonouring a tag. Here goes it:
dRoZzY...One of the bestest friends (no no I am serious). Has the distinction of making Skeets lose her calm ONLY on one occasion (we are generally in harmony). Amazing sense of humour. Can easily pose as one's dad or dadaji for that matter, if you begin listening to his advise rather seriously (*bhaago*). Lazy bum, would get out of the house on a Sat/Sun only if he has to get his car repaired, take mom-dad somewhere (he charges for the same), or has to meet a gorgeous girl :P .
Is Skeety's crib sponge (soaks it all in and never says STOP CRIBBING or probably just pretends to listen :P) and gives some wonderful and intelligent advise. Always ready to help at the beep of the phone. Thinks he is Arnie's clone. Has a little diary in which the secrets of all Delhiites can be found. By the way, he knows more than half of the Delhiites. Can strike a bond with anyone (and when I say anyone I mean it) at an ease which is unique to him (quite commendable). Is one of the few people capable of making Skeets laugh when she is down. And these are the things we have in common: We love ourselves like crazy, love food, love Delhi (he only pretends he doesn't), are born detectives, are wicked. And yeah he writes well too, only when in the mood.
A gem of a person.
dRoZzY dear,
you can use the above bit to impress girls.
*giggles uncontrollably*
Skeets know your reply.

Ankur urf Anky Panky...Thinks of himself to be the Azeem o shaan Shehenshah of Delhi. If you come across a guy pointing to Hrithik Roshan's poster of Jodhaa Akbar and saying 'this is Ankur', don't think he is insane, you should immediately know it is Anky Panky. Deep thinker. Can solve all problems through logical reasoning. Loves to travel, can click some great pictures (only wish he clicks more), loves his food, loves Delhi. Very helpful. His mood swings make Skeets angry at times. Is Skeety's Partner (no we are not giving out our business plans here). Movie lover. Buzzes me everytime there is a great flick on TV (even though I end up watching only a few).
Besties Partner!


dRoZzY!!! said...

am i sexy or am i sexy

Keshi said...

Drozzy...I knew him just in one post of mine ;-)


Woodsmoke said...

Good stuff. I went to Ankur's blog from yours. He has put up a nice questionnaire. I am tempted to do it myself.
Looking forward to reading your answers.

crasiezt said...

Hahaha you really made Drozzy's day!

Ankur struck me as a real sweetheart:-)

I duuno about people abusing Dilli, but I so totally love the place. Bestest it is:D

Old Delhi is scary I must say. Been to Sadar once for some work and I consider myself lucky for coming outta there unharmed. I was scared of being gang raped and brutally kidding.
Plus the streets were so narrow that 2 people couldn't cross each other! I had my fingers crossed hoping that there's no fire...or people would have no chance of escaping..sure death!

Red Ginger said...

delhi is my love ! but yes, for girls travelling late night alone, it does give the jitters..

Ankur said...

Wah some comments already, I never knew people were so desperately waiting to read about me! :D

Thank you Skeeter...lovely post, captures the spirit of Delhi, and more importantly Delhiites! I'll so miss this city! :(

@Woodsmoke: Do it, and if you want it to be official...I tag you! :)

@Crasiezt: Yes Yes, I am! :)

Akshay said...

I have seen a lot of good stuff in saddi Dilli....But i agree that there are bad people everywhere ...... I go regularly with my friends to eat near J-Masjid @late hours..... some bugger smashed the windscreen of my car....thank sweet lord for my car insurance...

elusive said...

I can feel your blog quaking..oh it must be Drozzy jumpin around..ur site-meter must have gone dead with the traffic. He musta made ALL the girls *gorgeous ones* read this stuff!
Ankur is a gentleman. Lol@azeem-o-shaan shehenshah! heheh.
All I can say is delhi people that I know of are REALLY warm and nice. Extremely sweet n u visit anyone there they make u feel at home instantly. But i sumhow get scared in the city. It's the reputation it's got that makes it worse.

dRoZzY!!! said...

@Keshi: i like that wink...
how you doin'?

@crasiezt: skeets did make my day for sure. you dare tell skeets about being gang raped in the narrow lanes of purani dilli. that place is like her first home. from the gaanja kulfi to bhang bhaturas she loves it all.

@elusive: lol. the chics arent here yet. and trust me... if i can get a chic to skeetys blog then i'd rather take her home with me ;)

@everyone: i do NOT drive my folks anywhere around. they drive themselves places. and better off they often drive me mad.

i like skeets 'coz its only her who understands the difference between Drozzy and dRoZzY.

J said...

You sure do love delhi don't you.. and I always wonder, do you really go around with a camera in hand??

AlterinG Abhishek said...

ha vai sohneyo.. kithey ho!!
blog shlog karde ni aajkal!!

~ Deeps ~ said...

good post on delhi.........and well written too.....
btw i agree u wud be more safe in old delhi than in other parts of delhi surely

Eastmancolour said...

hello hello et al.

Madness in the Delhizone? tell tell.
Am missing da motherland :(
but lekin kintu parantu...
stuff to do...stuff to do...
though will update with tasty and bland bits of life more often .. till you scream STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
and still wont!
heehee :)
I funnee maarofy!

d SINNER!!! said...

seems i missed a lot...

backpakker said...

good post..nice to hear a different perspective of delhi..

Ramit Singal said...

You should now be called Miss Delhi - The promoter of that wonderful place called Delhi.

Reeta Skeeter said...

dRoZzY: ufff
keshi: hehe
woody: :) ty...Yeah sure... do take it up...
Crazy: :) dRoZzY answered you for moi :) And Ankur is indeed a reallll sweetheart...
red ginger: It sure is... I agree...
Anky: Gawddd... hehe @ and more importantly Delhiites :P sudhar ja!
Akshay: :) glad you agree... oops@ ur car...
elusive: hehe... You are JUST SOOOO right about Ankur as well as dRoZzY!!! :) And believe me you..Delhi is the BESTEST!
dRoZzY: Aise reply kiya hua hai jaise tera hi blog ho! :P chal koi ni... tujhe maaf hai... ;) :P
j: Yo! I love Delhi... and yes my camera is always wimme :)
AA: ni karde te ai ki haiga ji?
~deeps~: :D I knew you would understand what I mean...glad...
eastmancolour: hehe OMG what has happened to you? Nice to have you back here...
d sinner: hehe catch up :D not ketchup silly :P ;) Happy Blogging!
backpakker: :D glad you think so... nice to see you here...
Ramit: awwww :D Danke! Do I love my new title? You BET!

Anonymous said...

Hi.Dropped in here as randomly as Google permits ( well that would be a little exaggerated but still.. ).Got curious about your age being marked as 258 !! what is so special about that number ? I might reason myself out of this though but would be glad to know as to why that is so by your logistics...Waiting to hear from you.

Eastmancolour said...

get your head out of ur booxes and WRITE something!

my life demands colour!!!

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

Dilli rocks!!

I am said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm someone was/is angry :), I guess...

B. O'Hemian said...

Nice write-up about my, or rather, our Delhi.

I miss the city and more importantly the friends there :-(

Eastmancolour said...

oye Reeta's Ramkahaani...
where you at?

Astral said...

hi, my first visit to your blog. an absolute delhite you are :) delhi would have been a even better place had it been left to ppl like you and me ;)

take care.

Anonymous said...

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Eastmancolour said...


Reeta Skeeter said...

mishra: THAT ees my age... and that is all :P welcome here :)
eastmancolor: wrote :D
friendly nextdoor guy: Aye!
Tanu: hehe ;)
b.o'hemian: Catch a train/flight right away then :P
eastmancolor: dilli where else :P
astral: hehe welcome here :)
ashu: THANKS but NO :)
eastmancolor: OYE OYE :D