Saturday, March 7, 2009

Those things they do!


Awfully long breaks Skeeter takes at times. Eh?

This time she's back with a comtemporary story.
There lives a girl who madly badly wanted to watch the Oscar winning movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

She waits for a much awaited holiday from work and goes all by herself to see the movie and purchases a ticket.

Upon purchasing the ticket, a few moments are spent in getting frisked at the movie theatre.

That done, the wait for the theatre to open its gates begins.

Nachos and cardamom tea are purchased. The girl turns around from the snacks counter to see the theatre doors open for entry and ushers in.

She seats herself on the assigned seat (passage one as she had requested), and the movie begins.

40 minutes into the movie, and her cellphone rings.

An unusual call from a usual number.

The serene mood changes into that of ghastly disbelief.

She rushes out of the theatre to talk to the person who had called.

On talking she realises that she had wrongly presumed a working day to be a holiday and would have to rush to office that very moment.

That girl, dear readers, is none other than:
Reeta Skeeter


Vaudevillian said...

The Curious Case of Reetabackto Workton.

the story of a her who worked hard, got a call from happy boss to leave early, and went for a movie, reversed.

ancientmariner said...

haa...thats indeed a curious case...which day did you assume to be a holiday!!

B. O'Hemian said...

Ha ha... they call it mis-adventure, my friend :)

Anonymous said...

when you watch the curious case alone (and without telling), this is what happens :p

I am said...

ha ha.. good one

Arobindo said...

now this is seriously funny stuff...also it reminds me of Arun Salwan in "Spectramind" and makes me wonder..can I pull of something similar...hmmmmm... selective amnesia...

Reeta...Thanks for the idea...

AR said...

kata kata !! :D

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha... GOOD ONE! I wish I was that forgetful. That meant no offices... My God, how much I hate office. Cheers!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Vaudevillian: khi khi bang on!

ancientmariner: err don't remember...skeety low on RAM
B'ohemian: :D bang on
anony: GRRR
Tanu: :P
Arobindo: khi khi...enjoy!
AR: :P
kulpreet: :D

Prax said...

Just that we never presume a holiday to be working day...

Selective amnesia has it's advantages ;-)

Ankur said...

Kitne paise fuke? :P