Sunday, August 2, 2009

Empty spaces...

...are meant for scribbling :D
Hence, we meet again.
Skeety has found a new shack where she has her evening tea these days. The tea is reasonably good, and is customised for Skeety (green cardamom instead of the ususal ginger, less sugar and so on). But what really attracts Skeets to this shack is a gulmohar tree that so generously parts with its red flower petals and lets them grace the earth below. These petals are what makes the tea time even memorable.
Armed with one of her most cherished gadgets, the camera phone, Skeety walks towards the shack (or the tree?), slides down the cover that safeguards the carl zeiss lens, switches to the close-up mode and clicks the red beauties, while the tea vendor makes the tea.
And yeah Skeety suspects that the tea wala thinks she is mad sitting down in the middle of the road, looking at one petal from different angles before clicking. Perhaps that is why he speaks very nicely to her and makes her tea super fast (ofcourse kidding)... Skeety being the nice, benevolent girl has forgiven the tea wala as he knows not the love for those bewitching beauties..
Here are few of the shots from two different walks to the same place:

Adios till we meet again :-)


I am said...

Adios .. Skeety till you return..

Praveen R. said...

Good to have you back. Ooh I still miss the Indian food, man!

Eastmancolour said...

Skeeeteee Repeateeeeee !!!!

How you being and doing and how how?
oh me losing languages! :-o
bhasha nushting... bheja bhrushting.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat you upto? Tell tell!
I shall be reincarnated as..

Prax said...

The second put the petals in a line! What are you, some teacher???

The place sounds lovely though & post is lovelier still.

Lost in Transit said...

there is some sadness i can hear when i read this;

I will just say:

If the broken could not mend
shall I bid time
even when i know now that time lies
shall i ask for an alibi
should i just then choose to wait
endlessly, and then watch myself fade
or shall i just go now
and be forever dead
these are my choices
I shall choose neither
let me bury the pain and walk
let the heart bleed, leave a trail
maybe someone may find me
if not , I am already gone.

Rush said...

the pictures are it!!

Yoga Gal said...

The re flower petals photos are poetry

Anonymous said...

lovely pix!

umangexuberance said...

nice skeety
the last one looked like a bleeding heart

Anonymous said...

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Rashi said...

nice pics.

Arobindo said...


Arobindo said...

i missed the again....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cyberkitty said...

Nice pix..u r really talented!!

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