Monday, April 16, 2007

Dilli ki Garmi

Dilli ki garmi (Yes, it is just as famous as the Sardi, but for all the wrong reasons) announces its arrival. The Mercury is hovering around 40 degrees celsius already. And i've been trying to find places to chill out. Here are the few I think I will b found this summer season: 1.Saltz @ GK-I M block - the place that inspired me to write this post and one more. 2.PVR Plaza - This is one place I absolutely love. The Metro to here, is the best. It drops me a minute's walk away from PVR Plaza. And for that reason as well as others, Plaza is my darling movie hall in Delhi. 3.Market Cafe @ Khan Mkt - I've grown to love this place since I visited it the first time. In toto three visits makes this place my most loved cafe in town. The only gud/bad point being the sooo many stairs that I hv to climb to reach there. Gud, coz I will do some exercise while climbing them; bad coz i am lazy enough to do so :D
Market Cafe

I resolute NOT to go out window-shopping anymore. Atleast not during summers. I lose my head if the heat touches me. And I want to be sane this summer unlike the MAD MAD Delhi traffic. I hv observed for myself that as the mercury rises the insanity of Delhi drivers grows manifold. No kidding there! The traffic starts getting heavier and noisier, the honking increases, the accidents too go up! Uffff!!!
Oh yeah! I start loving office more :D Coz of the full power back up! Ha ha! I frequent movie halls for the same reason. Grinnnnnn! I prefer not to shop for the same reason! :D


Anonymous said...

Delhi people can complain all there life...first it was the cold now its the heat......enjoy it bcz it gonna be more hotter soon ....anyways its a mad mad city and i just hate it ...

Apoorv Gawde said...

ha! i have heard its a place of extreme climates, Bomay is anotehr such place, u habve a shower and by the time u are done u are sweating again :D hate the humidity there...
Ladakh seems more alluring than ever!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Anony: Heyyyyy!!! How hv u been? long time no C on the blog.. Pakad liya! Dnt try pangas wimme! M too gud for u! And u know dat I love delhi, despite the garmi! Don't u? Better start loving it :P
AG: I hate bombay too!!! But I love dilli despite the garmi! Ladakh u bet!

Mr. J said...

Damn the stupid summer. I wish we paved way for another ice again instead of a global warming. i honestly prefer shivering in the cold to sweating it out in the heat.

And the movie halls.. reminds me of my times back in college. yeh AC's rock!!

Apoorv Gawde said...

:) i do NOT hate bombay, I quite like the energy of the place, like no other.
All I hate is the humidity...

The mango showers here are real soooper!
even the name is sooper sounding is it not?

Reeta Skeeter said...

Mr J: Winters are lovely! Aye!
AG: I hate Mumbai.. the humidity.. the sooper fast pace of life there... But I do like to shop there! Pune is anytime better... And yeah we get alphonsos in Pune too! Koregaon Park rockz!

florentyna said...

had loads of fun! i feel privileged to be a part of all you wild crazy experiments with restaurants its always fun to hang out with you :)

Eastmancolour said...

et tu fellow Delhiite?
iz the city that warm already? dang! and here am facing close to 0 tonight!
still..better than being baked ;)

that girl in pink said...

oooh delhi's garmi can be tough!!! glad you figured out a way to cool off.
hey, is market cafe in khan mkt the same as cafe turtle (on top of the full circle bookstore)? the endless stairs sound very familiar!

Fleiger said...

First of all... The Name... Second of all, where's your Quick Quotes Quill?

Ankur said...

i hate dis about delhi...if i ever leave dis place, it'll majorly be coz of da weather! :|

Reeta Skeeter said...

Florentyna: Same here! Love You!
Eastmancolour: Yep! Yes its already very hot here...Happy Blogging!
thatgirlinpink: Nah.. its way different gurl.. Chk it out.. The entrance to mkt cafe is near khan chacha's... ;)
fleiger: hehe HP fan u too?
Ankur: Y nt be a migratory bird? 6 months here.. 6 months there... Fink about it.. :D

Metal said...

Shit man im missing my Delhi summers here in Bombay.
Believe me Bombay is around 30 yet very sultry....lucky you!! enjoy the heat ;)

that girl in pink said...

will definitely check it out when i'm in delhi next!

Eastmancolour said...

heyyy !!
Why Laundry?
Well coz do my laundry here ;) (that was the utterly poetic idea I had when I created the blog years ago! ha ha)

cheeers n thankx :D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Metal: I hate the heat!
that girl in pink: U must!
eastmancolor: and what is eastmancolor?

Rusty said...

yeah, the heat is crazy !

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Its been ages I actually "chilled out" in Delhi. Whenever we go to that place .. we're always stuck up with relatives who feed us like we've come all the way to Delhi to be fed and fed and fed! I've noted down the names and the next time I go there (most probably next mnth) am gonna check them all out :D