Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hey You!

Yes Yes YOU!
New Year greetings to all of YOU from Scribbly Skeeter :)

Skeety's feathery scribbler sweetheart

Skeety tags Mr. Missing Ankur, Miss Backpakker, Mr.Chaiwala Prashant, Mr. Lovely photocurry Deepak, Miss Sneaky Peeky Juhi, Mr.Khachaak Bobin James, Mr. Case gone S, Mr. Bohemia Subbu, Miss Host of the MAD MAD tea party Anita, Miss Cooking Mommy Asha, Miss Woodsmoke, Mr AC funny sheikh, Miss She is, and Mr. Gayab Talwar to put up on their respective blogs, a picture that they have clicked, which is -

Either: Very close to their heart.

Or: the best picture (according to the self) they have clicked till date.

Choice is yours guys and girls.
I am quite sure that you would enjoy the process of selecting that special picture for this special tag.
It is a happy tag by happy Skeeter :)
And yes I am putting up mine. Two actually.

Update: I am sending the following picture for Bee's Liquid event :) as recommended by Asha.

The Chaiwali's Cuppa (her style)

Keep Writing!
Keep smiling!


~ ॐ ~ said...

Chaiwala :) ok...

meri itni posts mein itni saari fotos hoti to hain... aur kitni chahiye :)

mushkil tag hai ye...

Gonecase said...

Loved the idea and nice pic too :)

J said...

A new kinda tag started by you.. hmmm, interesting.

Cup of tea looks quite tempting.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

T-cupz real neat!!

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Reeta!


backpakker said...

Nice pictures...simple and sweet :) have to think now - thanks for the tag

And wish you a very happy new year ..Heard Delhi is very cold

Asha said...

I love the second photo, very elegant! You can send that Bee's "Liquid" event too.
Thanks for tagging, will see what I have!:)

I am said...

Happy new year Skeety :) a new kind of tag haan :) nice

hope we continue seeing each others post and shots by the end of 2008 :)

thanks for the TAG, but am I - SHE IS ?

Was not sure of the name you gave..btw I call myself as Tanu Blotter in Harry'S world :)

enjoy see you around...

Reeta Skeeter said...

~ ॐ ~ : Yep Chaiwala :) Uffo maine jo kathin karya diya hai uska maksad ye hai ki inni saari good photos mein se tujhe jo pasand ho usko pehchaan aur wo lagana blog pe. Cheers!
gonecase: ji thx!
j: Yep. Wanted to do something interesting. T :D Ek garam T ki pyali
AA: fanks!
keshi: Heyyy Happy New Year to you too!
backpakker: Thanks! Happy New Year! Yeah damn cold yaar :)
Asha: Ji Thank You! Bee's liquid thingy dhundna padega. :) Enjoy the tag!
i am: HNY ji! Yep new innovative tag :D Yep you are - She Is!
Tanu Blotter is soooo cuteee. I likey!
Yep we sure will se each other a lot in 2008 :) Cheers!

Deepak said...

i posted a new pic :)
and its been one of the best from last few days.......

baki to foto main upload karta hi rehta hoon.......
btw lovely pic in ur post.....loved it........

backpakker said...

Hey..couldnt think of a picture..too many to select ..have posted a video that I really liked - hope you like it :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

ho gaya... with some tweaking :D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Deepak: You Bet! It is indeed one of your best among the last few you hv posted :) Cheers!
backpakker: ok ji..lemme c :)
~ ॐ ~ : :)

I am said...

have posted my best shot till now..baki to I keep posting...

c ya around

tanu blotter

Preethi said...

Ok. Now how cool is it to have a name like 'reeta skeeter'. loved it !!

A visit to 'backpakker' led me here. Interesting blog. Will have another elaborate visit..... tag tho' as many of them have stated here is... unique and intereting.

Loon said...

lol soooo cute!!!

Happy New Year hun! hope u have a great year ahead :)


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oops that was me :-|

Reeta Skeeter said...

i am: :D Thanks...Yep see you around.
preethi: He he. Thanks. I love it too!
Welcome to my world :)
loony: What is cute?
:D Happy New Year! Yep I know it is you. Chill!

Johnny Cigar said...

untagged, i have done that post already.
here it is:


just love this pic.

Asha said...

Did your tag sweets, not the greatest of photos but loved the snack!:)


AlterinG Abhishek said...

lo jee!!
ho gaya!!


Ankur said...



Passionate baker...& beyond said...

First time here...glad to bump into a Delhi foodie. The liquid entry is very pleasant indeed...got here off Bee's & Jai's. Am off to browse your interesting blog! :0)