Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Magical comeback

When just about everything was going wrong, YOU KNOW WHO rescued Skeety?
No prizes for guessing JKR did it.
The Tales of Beedle the Bard is the latest offering from the author who penned the 7 series Harry Potter stories. Skeety picked it up on Day 1, as per the ritual followed by all Potter fans (Skeety can never decide if she is a Potter fan or a Rowling fan) worldwide.
Rowling is back with this book containing five oh-so-lovely fairytales along with footnotes from none other than Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.
Skeety has finished reading Chapter 1 so far. A confession- Skeety reads all Rowling books as slowly as she can, lest they are done with in a jiffy, and Skeety is left craving for more magic.
It is indeed a little cute and silly that Skeety keeps looking at, and touching the book whenever she happens to pass by it. The reason being the cover is as much a STUNNER in itself as are the contents.
Skeety found herself smiling for a good number of hours when she got this book :)
Here's a picture for you to oggle at :P
This book has played a crucial role in assisting Harry, Ron and Hermione, to wipe away Lord Voldemort.
The Tales of Beedle the Bard has been translated from the original runes by Hermione Granger. In 2007, JK Rowling came out with seven copies of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Each was handwritten and illustrated on vellum, bound in brown morocco leather and mounted with different semi-precious stones (How Skeety wishes Rowling gave her one such book). Six of the books were given by the author to those most closely connected to the Harry Potter books over past 17 years; the seventh was given to Children's High Level Group and auctioned by the charity at Sotheby’s in London.
Life is getting better.


Govind.K said...

Respected Madam,

I am happy to see your blog. I would like to know your exp in Journalism field.

The Wandering Hermit said...

Books never fail to cheer me up too...
enjoy while it lasts~~


mazak said...

Great to see u in a good mood ,JKR and HP have that effect on you :) ... happy reading !!!

The Keeper of the Keys said...

skeety is shamelessly lucky. actually keeper is very lazy. so the keeper still hasn't ventured out of the house to buy the tales. how much did the tales cost skeety?

Reeta Skeeter said...

Govind: Thanks for visiting.
Z: :D thank you.
mazak: :) thank you
Keeper of the Keys: I am updating the blog for the price...It cost me INR 599. But how can you be Hagrid? :P I always keep wondering ;)

B. O'Hemian said...

Good for you. I kept getting pre-booking offers from Crossword, but never got to book it. Will you hold it against me if I confess I have read only three HP books?

And I agree about the cover: it's awesome.

I am said...

I just saw it the other day in the store BUT did not buy it yet :)

for reason's same as your's : GIVE ME MORE :)

"A confession- Skeety reads all Rowling books as slowly as she can, lest they are done with in a jiffy, and Skeety is left craving for more magic"

Rohit Talwar said...

I won't say I am a fan of HP books but I did enjoy some. Don't plan to pick this one; I have many Terry Pratchett titles to finish :) Have you ever read them? He's a genius.

Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

it's funny to see someone address self in third person...miss i think you live in a world of dreams where you fantasize yourself being the romanticized characters such as cinderella,snowhite etc. might be you are a very young lady and still live in a world of fairy-tale... i'd like to see some serious writings in your blog on important issues and come away with responses that equally matches your article...otherwise if blogging is just a hobby than i'm sorry to have bothered you..ignore this.

deeps said...

will wait for detailed review.......lucky u :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

B. O'Hemian: thanks...

:) hehe not at all..infact I don't read much myself... except o'course JKR :)
Tanu: ;-) I am jealous...you are going to have more magic than me!!! grrr hehe anyway enjoy...I have read chapter 1 ten times :D
Rohit: Ahem...nay Skeets hasn't read Terry Pratchett...mmm MIGHT read if I ever get to break free of JKR charms ;-) which she o'course doubts she ever will...
Anony: Hobby or not, this blog is meant to entertainment the self primarily, and then ofcourse the readers... there is enough serious stuff written everywhere...pick up the newspapers by the dozens or browse the 100 news channels alive and feed yourself with as much serious stuff as you want..oh yeah did Skeets mention? there are serious blogs too! Go hunt. And yeah a little tip fom Skeets you get for this wonderful wonderful comment which made her laugh so so so very hard...Get a life dude/dudette and himmat hai to saamne aao, apna blog dikhao :D
deeps: Ji...ummm kinna jaldi review milega wo to apko pata hai kuch kaha ni ja sakta :) but you'll get the first review as soon as I reach the last word of the book...but chances are it will be biased and you know that :P

Lakshmi said...

ive read the review..must read it..how have u been ? Merry Christmas

Eastmancolour said...

am in Delhi right now.
Skeety talky?
post me a comment on the last post and I'll tell tell.

ooh.. all James Bondy like!