Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ghajini: All that does not make sense

A movie depicting violence released at a time when the world needs peace messages from any and every means of communication.

A movie in which the leading man wants to take revenge even when he is suffering short term amnesia (such is the extent of vengeance).

A movie that one wouldn't like to watch when the sole intention is to unwind with close ones.

A movie which Skeeter reckons would be liked only by students of courses related to Media/Film/Art/Direction et al as they would get some fodder for criticism.

A movie where a medical student is depicted in such poor light that the role portrayed by her can help redifne mindlessness and stupidity.

A movie which showcases that the Indian film industry is still capable of churning out the same old stories polished with better movie-making techniques where the hero can pack a punch at the gang of goons and they go flying away (one punch each is enough). It also shows that Indian directors are still ardent fans of Hollywood stories (Ghajini thanks Momento).

This is what Ghajini is all about.

Go watch for a laugh if you feel rich enough to waste money.
Skeets had a dreadful time watching the movie and is still recuperating. Wish her good. AND Skeets must add here that this had NOTHING to do with the fact that she suffers from amnesia herself and has to rely on her cellphone reminders to go about her daily chores. It is another thing that Skeets forgets to act on the reminders :P

But yeah it did give Skeets some goosebumps. Thank God she hasn't reached the kind of stage Aamir Khan's mind was in ( in the movie).

As for all of you here's Skeets wishing a happy and peaceful 2009.


I am said...

u bet...
that Dr. was the most irritating..I think in real life if I do not have amnesia and come across such an interfering soul I will shot her first :)

Most irritating and worst movie of the year.. Tanu Blotter completely stands by Skeety..

except for that pleasant faced S.I.Heroine, there was nothing to cherish in that movie to me ..

after I saw Gajhni my opinion on RNBDJ changed to 'good' :)

Anonymous said...

u need a punch on ur head like ghajini ...everything wud be fine thereafter even ur amnesia rotfl
nutty x

ancientmariner said...

Happy new about a reminder for reminders!! this was an all out commercial masala movie...meant to slaughter our senses!!

don said...

Thanks for the warning. I understand I'll be vastly ahead if I run my head into the wall today! Right?
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments!

umangexuberance said...

happy budday skeetu
and as they say get well soon ;) :D

AR said...

happy new year skeets and belated happy birthday as well :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Tanu: LOL me too will shoot her :D lol@ ur opinion changing about RNBDJ....hehehe good good...Atleast they were honest enough to promote the movie the way it is..out and out bolly masala stuff...

Nutty: dassan tainu?
ancientmariner: reminder for reminders...Skeety going already mad :P Happy New Year to you too!
Don: yeah right...thanks :) New year wishes to you...
umang: thankoo ji :)===================================
AR: Happy New Year to you too! Nay it wasn't Skeety's birthday...what umang says is the hindi meaning of it :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right! By the way did you see 'Slumdog Millionaire'? It will take away the bad taste that Ghajini has left in your mouth. It did for me! You can read my comments on my blog:

B. O'Hemian said...

Boy, what a movie! We should be paid to watch this movie!

Bhaskar Tripathi (hellBoy) said...

I don't think the movie was dad bad.some people tend to be too jingoistic about non-violence.that is possible only in utopian world.

Most people still like the actors/'esses runing and dancing around the trees.

the prefessionalism that Amir khan has displayed is only found in hollywood.

not even house wifes liked RNBDJ .

crasiezt said...

Oye tera bday kab tha??? Belated wishes neways:-)

As for least it was better than Drona!! But yeah it sucked..especially if you've seen Memento..I could have slapped Asin for all the over-acting..thank heavens I watched it at home..with quite a few breaks!

Lakshmi said...

lol ..i can see u are very irritated..ive seen the tamil film and the english just went out of curiosity..

Reeta Skeeter said...

Vikas: Am waiting to watch Slumdog... :)
welcome to my blog
B.O'Hemian: I agree 100 per cent!
Bhaskar: To each his own, I expressed what I felt :)
welcome to my blog
crasiezt: O Umang has written about the expression "happy budday ho gaya" and everyone is thinking it was my budday :D good u saved ur money by not watching the movie at the theatre!
Lakshmi: I am curious to know how was the Tamil version...Please share your take on that

Vaudevillian said...

I was dragged along forcibly to watch Ghaboring while halfway watching 'The Departed' and it spoilt the end! NEVER watch a surreal hindi movie in the middle of an english masterpiece.

AR said...

thanks reeta. it was too good !

ghajini was so worthless, i didn't give it a shot...i am waiting for 'luck by chance' an 'delhi-6'. hopefully they release soon and i can enjoy them in delhi :)

Fighter Jet said...

i agree with every word of this post :)

unforgiven said...

Screw Ghajini, watch Memento.

Hestia said...

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Datsme said...

I wasnt all that bad also...i mean ya the storyline was a bit weird in their attempt to move away from Momento..but it was definitely a one time watch.