Saturday, January 31, 2009

CAUGHT laughing (red-handed)!!!

Ojas tagged Skeets, and Skeets TWISTED the tag :D
According to the original tag Skeets was to write 10 random things about the self. Skeety is writing only one.
Now, this is something not so random about the self, but has been crossing the mind for a post here: Skeets LAUGHS like there's no tomorrow when she is in front of the computer.
If we were to study in school at this age we'd perhaps be asked to write an essay on My Computer. Haha. Okay okay Skeets knows she is a two hundred and fifty eight year old, and is not supposed to attend school. But then, studies can never be complete. One learns all through life. Muggles may differ (laughs out loud wickedly).
Comes back to the POP=Point of the Post.
Well, Skeets has been caught laughing in front of the computer like N number of times by mommy dearest as well as other members of the family.
Skeets has also been declared insane. The reason being some equally insane friends who pop-up on the Instant Messenger windows with some of the whackiest lines possible.
Or perhaps, a fellow-blogger's post would make Skeets go khi khi khi:)
Ditto with the mobile phone. One funny MASS SMS as well call it from the funny bunch of friends or a message meant just for Skeets and you can find her laughing out loud in a public place for something like 300 seconds (5 minutes). And what follows ofcourse are some uncalled-for stares. Does Skeets care? Nah! Democratic is the country she lives in :) Laughter de-stresses like anything. :)
In the first open-ended post here...Skeets wants to ask all the readers a question:

Do you LAUGH when someone says something funny on Instant Messengers or SMS-es
---Or do you just chuckle
---Or do you say LOL but do not really laugh?
Shout out! And yeah keep laughing :D


mazak said...

loved this post :)
its mostly chuckle while online,rarely a full fledged laughter and almost never a lol comment ... :) is the most i go ,but wen u say "khi khi" it does bring a smile on the other side as well ... keep laughing :)

AlterinG Abhishek said...


wht did you drink/eat/smoke while/bee-4 Raiteing thees

Ho Ho!

suppah post...

u shud alwuz be liek theees

Sarika said...

You know the answer to this one.. Certified insane by family.. thanks to you and the others ...LOL

Anonymous said...

we can do a laugh-a-thon sometime? wot say

Indrojit said...


I am said...

I really laugh... people at work give me a Insane look quite often..

and home don't even ask about it...:)

mom thinks I smile more staring at the laptop than while talking to her !!!

he heehehe... she has these things.. ok u r talking to A, or B or C depending on her "smilo-meter"


B. O'Hemian said...

I smile / chuckle when I write "He he" or ":)".

You should really write all 10 random things :)

ceedy said...

Well as I do always I did it again reading this post - LAUGH :)

preeti said...

i have laughed out loud when read something funny on a blog like this or read some funny sms or read a really humorous P G Wodehouse types novel
laugh out loud, why to care about the glances
"Laughter de-stresses like anything" cant agree more :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

mazak: haha hmm :) thanks...
AA: I was laughed at for laughing before I wrote this :P
Sarika: heheh ekdum ji
Anony: Sure thing about 11th?
Indrojit: :P
Tanu Blotter: haha same here about the work part...have written about home part already :D
B.O'Hemian: I see..hehe@10 random things...shall write dheere dheere...and one by one...snail's pace and my pace r competitiors ;)
ceedy: glad :)
preeti: welcome here... :)

Lakshmi said...

it made me laugh alright :)

Arobindo said... I laugh a fact so much that people have asked me to stay away from them..

Rohit Talwar said...

I detest LOLs even when I am laughing out loud. I stick to my random-er 'ha'. :D

Raaga said...

I laugh... and people think I'm crazy. :-)