Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Delhi Diaries- A hazy morning, a very warm afternoon and a wonderful evening...

Delhi, Skeeter's city (ok ok yours too) can churn up the most surprising moods. Skeeter was going through the archives and found these pictures. Reflected back on when and why these were shot. The answer are here.
One morning, Skeeter woke up to a hazy sky. It'd rain soon. This happens many a times...The weather goes bad and you are cribbing and cribbing and some more when one morning you wake up to this:

A dhaba near the old office in central Delhi served AWESOME alu paranthas. With mixed achar (pickle they call it), makhan (Skeeter won't call it butter here) and a big dollop of dahi (yoghurt you know it as :P )An evening when you can have elaichi chai with the self would find you somewhere near a nice bamboo swing when the rays of the sun bid adieu to you by kissing the cuppa with their warm glow.
They say Delhi is rough. They say the people are ruthless. They say Delhi is this. They say Delhi is that.To Skeeter Delhi is warm, caring and a lot more. It is her beloved city.
P.S.: Work's getting crazier but Skeeter is fighting for the time to write here...She wins!


Mr Lee said...

Enjoy your blog.So kind.Good luck!
We hope that we will have the opportunity to make friends with you.
We invite you to come to our blog. You are welcome any time.

AR said...

great. the parantha. the chai. aahaa.

B. O'Hemian said...

Paratha with Achar / Makkhan / Dahi ... ooohhhh... you got me all nostalgic there.

Keep winning :)

ancientmariner said...

now that you mentioned it...m gonna eat some sumptuous alloo parantha at the punjabi dhaba in blore :)

Superchef said...

great post!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

Mr: Lee: thanks...
shall visit your blog :)
AR: ty :)
B.O'Hemian: hehe thank you :)===================================
ancientmariner: yo! go! run!
Supercher: thank you :)

Vaudevillian said...

i've been blessed with a delhi dhaba delicacy. just once though. it's like an epileptic shock, only much better with all the spices dancing in ur mouth and you have to pay for one.

deeps said...

so where is this parantha shop ?

crasiezt said...

People say all kinda things about Delhi..but it's only those who've stayed there for a longish time that realize it's true worth..Delhi is the bestest:-)

And as always..lovely pics..btw the makhan would be white?

I am said...

yummy paratha's :)

Me just back from dinner but hungry again!!

Aro said...

Lucky me.... the parantha is the most amazing thing in the world, and delhi is where one should have it....bhai...wah wah wah wah....

kash chai mil jai to zindagi sudhar jay...

Wah wah wah wah

J said...

The delhi diaries still continues :) Nice set of pics.

Rajesh said...

The hazy sky shot is excellent. The Parantha is mouth watering.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Vaudevillian: :-)
deeps: batati hun apko :)
crasiezt: yo! delhi it was yellow amul makhan which they served...
Tanu: :D khee I like that
Aro: ji ek dum aloo parantha pickle, chai and some god company...rocking combo...
J: :D yesh ekdum! dilli kab?
Rajesh: thankoo...bows* :)

Prax said...

I avoid your Foodie blog for this very purpose. DO NOT post photographs less so as vulgar as that. I'm online late night (or early mornin', at 3.45AM, it's really not my concern), seein' food traumatizes me. You have any idea how I (my stomach included) feel.

YOU can cook. I can't :'-[
I love New Delhi, but let's not get into who loves it more. I don't have the strength & you seem to be on a paratha devourin'-beautiful swingin' winnin' streak.

Yes, Keep Winnin'!

Ankur said...

I likes! Feel good post! :)

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caapirighter said...

Don't agree with Delhi wallahs being polite. Was in the city recently.

Taxi wallah bola "Aao madam. Hamari Taxi mein baitho"

Haan bola to "Isi tarah humse taxi chalwa ke parashan karo"

Na bola to "Bhaad mein jao!"

Delhi hotel is the only place where the message written outside Hotel Bathroom is "Yahaan kapde dhona mana hai!"

Anita Duggal said...

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