Monday, May 25, 2009

The Punjabiness in Dilli

*The title of this post may or may not be directly or indirectly related to the text that follows
**Read at your own peril, don't crib if it doesn't make no sense to you
***A note of thanks and a pocketful of Macadamias to the Nuttiest Nut for triggering the thoughts that led to this post...May your hair shine and glow and become black again :P

We were celebrating the birthday of a gangster (no no don't take that otherwise, Skeety means to say one of the friendly gang members) and another gangster reads the menu and says very cutely 'Ye dimsum kya hota hai'.
Skeets wanted to hide under the table. No Skeets is not making fun here, rather, just thinking of the various Punjabis she knows and how they react to 'alien' food. This gangsta is known to make peculiar faces at the sight of alien - meaning Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Mexican menus. He needs Punjabi food for surival. Dal, Paneer and the likes work best.
Moving on to the Nuttiest Nut.
Staying in London for about three years now, while talking to Skeety on the phone the Nuttiest Nut refers to Mozzarella in Carrozza as 'wo jo cheese ki tikki si thi na'. Skeety fell off the stairs on hearing that. Grr...
Also remembering a handful of other people who brand sauces or dips as 'chutneys'.
*Where's the wall
*Bangs head!
*OUCH that hurts :(
Okay all the above were Dilliwalas and walis and Punjabis in particular.
The Punjabi league is like that.
They love their gobhi alu, rajma chawal, dal makhani and so on.
*Breaks the rhythm
Skeety is yet again wondering WHY is she writing about food HERE.
*Stares into the abyss
*Starts scribbling again
Skeets was putting a lot of thought into food per se and here's the outcome:
Vada pao and burgers are similar...
Rajma is eaten in many forms, they become baked beans on toast as they transcend boundaries...
Rice becomes Risotto in Italy and Biryani in Pakistan (ok for that matter India too)
Pasta, Maggi and Noodles are shadows of each other...They dance around and change forms...Add/Substract various spices and lo! You have a different dish each time.
Back to POP (point of post): It is amazing to note how baked beans on toast will leave a punjabi unsatisfied (almost as if he/she has not had a meal) while rajma chawal will act like ambrosia.
Same ingredients, same earth, different tastes and reactions.


Anonymous said...

ROFL @ cheese ki tikki.

bravo girl. very cutely captured the eccentricities of the gangsta's

I am said...

@ ROFL... I could see someone like Dobby banging (her) nhis head all around in the room :), :D

B. O'Hemian said...

That's super observation... and a complain to my Punjabi friends as well. At least to most of my Punjabi friends... for them eating is not eating without Chicken Tandoori / Paneer / Dal Makhni - Roti.

Even in coastal Kerala, my good Punjabi friend insisted on Dal-Roti, when I was gorging on the Malabari Biriyani and Appam-Stews :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

completely agree with ur observation :)
good post :)

ancientmariner said...

so true!!

umangexuberance said...

damn i miss NCR and punjabiness
stuck with hyderabadi potis and potas :|

AR said...

badi hi cheesy post hai :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

Anony: :P ;D
Tanu: :D yo! ek dum correct! wink wink
B.O'Hemian: hehe@ your punjabi frd in coastal kerala... you must've also felt like banging head I am sure...but even I have those days.. *giggle
~Deeps~: :-) i knew you would...ty ji
ancientmariner: :)
umang: :P LOL howve u been?
AR: :P ahan?

Mayur said...

Thanks Reet. You might like this better -

AlterinG Abhishek said...

yeah the "jo cheese ki tikki si thi na" is the Klass!!!

You should see how some of the Firangs DIG at the "WORLD Phamous"

Punjabi GRAVE-eees

Reeta Skeeter said...

Mayur: This one is definitely better!
AA: Eye lyke eet! PC...been long isn't it? :P :)

Praveen R. said...

kinda true - i remember my sardar cuz complaining that there was only south indian food at his workplace in mumbai. My dad - a Tamil - is almost the same. His meal would never be complete without Rice and Curry.

mayuri said...

long live the punjabi-(desi)-ness in dilli...

i will die if i don't get to eat some pakka spicy mouth-watering punjabi dish for three consecutive meals!


Ankur said...

Punjabiyan di shaan vakhri! :)
Reminded me of a lot of such comments that I've heard from my family members. Even after you tell them, they will still call those things "their way" (read the Punjabi way)!:D

Pallavi said...

funny blog you have