Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's the fuss all about?

Being a foodie is the bane of my existence. I love my food, I love eating out and I love my experiments with all kinds of cuisines. But with the bliss, comes the undesired baggage that I have never asked for, hence the bane. The baggage that I speak of, comes in the form of body fat.
I've been cribbing to myself over the weight for quite sometime now and haven't really been able to do what I've been wanting to do in order to check it. Sitting in front the workstation for 8 hours, only getting up to go for lunch or tea or a trip to the loo, has done a lot of damage already.

But, Thanks to A's wonderful company and my brilliant idea, that we found a way to fight the fat.
Fighting the fat is something that I simply cannot manage do on my own. I need company. I need motivation. The motivation came from V and A both. V always takes the stairs whilst I prefer the lift, and A is moody.
Yesterday, A and I decided that we would take a break from work anytime during the day and climb up and down the stairs several times (starting with 2 sets a day).
Two sets, and we were down and out. Nevertheless it was a beginning and we hope the exercise continues till we decide to move on to a harder regime like gymming et al.


J said...

Taking the stairs.. walking to work.. all that will help ;) especially walking to work :D

Rajeev said...

i plan to go for a morning jog with my dad everyday! but fail to wake up early! heheh! :D
I hate to wake up early! hehe! but takin the stairs is a good way! ;)

peace & love

Woodsmoke said...

You know what I nearly experimented with today?
Cooked cactus...but then gave in to a favorite mushroom and prawn combination at this Mexican restaurant where I was lunching with a friend.

p.s. I was just checking your other blog, the foodie one. Incredible stuff there. Will keep popping back.

Gonecase said...

Skeeter Skeeter on the wall...
who's the hardworking of them all :D

~ Deeps ~ said...

good stuff on ur food blog, interesting tit bits there.......

as for fighting fat, well just take it this way, if u wanna enjoy the good food throughout a life, fighting fat is just a small thing to do :)
stairs walking is one of the most simplest habit...try swimming....

Pritika said...

Hey reety! Don't worry, fighting fat isnt all that hard, i'm speaking from experience, just eat what you love but dont eat things just to munch on!

Glad you're taking the stairs, think of how much food tastes better on a hungry stomach!

burf said...

oh! whenever i come to this blog, it feels like i have been here earlier too

Rohit Talwar said...

Hey that's a gooooood thing! This way you can control your body and indulge in your favourite food simultaneously!

Reeta Skeeter said...

j: Sure... why not?! And be dead when I rch work! Huh!
rajeev: Heee I used to plan the same but dad has given up on me.
woodsmoke: Cactus! Ouch!!! I love mushrooms especially Shiitakes in my hot 'n' sour soup...Yum!
Thanks :) Will wait for your apparition and have my whiskers up for the sound of a faint pop :D
gonecase: :D Not me. M a bum!
~ deeps ~ : thx :) Yeah true! Fighting the fat is a small thing invloving only 'huge' efforts ;)
pritika: Food does taste better on a hungry stomach! Muah!
burf: Pls tell me the difference between your burf and burfi.
Rohit: Thx... Yeah! I am already feeling good.

Cyberkitty said...

U should try yoga, it works wonders on reducing weight and it is not hard work either!!

Cyberkitty said...

u just won an award !!

Ankur said...

go down wid a stomach infection...u'll lose a lot! i talk from experience! :D

mazak said...

i wud like to extend my moral support to ur stair climbing endeavor any case u r also helping the envt. by not taking the lift ...all the best !!!

preeti said...

Good idea actually and is done by many pple :) just dont stop experimenting wid cuisines :D i do that all the time

burf said...

now i shall go and read your food log

Butterfly said...

Nice blog.:-)
Using the stairs? Well, that's not a bad idea to reduce fat. But, if you are a foodie, don't worry about reducing your fat. Eat comfortably. I believe you shud just exercise a bit in the morning.
If u worry too much, it will spoil your taste for food. I feel that being a foodie is also a matter of credit.:-)

AlterinG Abhishek said...

two times!!
by god!!
mannana padega!!

three cheers(stairs) for A&V!!
(oops and you too.. follow them..)

wacko said...


wow, 2 sets a day sounds like

i bet sittin infront of the workstation can be very lackadaisical...but newas tis nice seeing someone so motivated that u eventually found out somethin to excercise...good going!


burf said...

i didn't visit your food blog (if i can call it so) then but i did now.

and somehow i didn't see your reply to my comment earlier when i registered a second one which i did now.

and now that i have seen it thus i shall reply. but you know what, miss skeeter, some things are better not told in the public domain :D

c a a p i r i g h t e r said...

if you'd have been in'd have had the WHOLE OFFICE for company :))

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

i really dread these 4 mnths at work ( summer vacations) .. so make it a point to go to the gym after work!

Just a lil free advice ... am sure u know it already ... drink a lot of water ... its got 2 benefits

1) Water is gud for ur body ... for more info on this please google
2) You'll want to pee more often ... that way you'll end up walking more than u usually do :D
And try going to the loo downstairs/upstairs!