Sunday, August 5, 2007

With the self

Sixty minutes extra in my kitty and I could have a power-packed day. Get out of the bed, laze around a while, make my own cardamom tea and alongwith, a 'healthy' breakfast, read a newspaper, sort the mess (if any) around, arrange a few things that have been pending since ages, read a few pages of a magazine or a book that I've been wanting to read since quite some time, and that gets me going for a good day ahead. Sounds dreamy? Eh!
This is the REAL picture of how it happens: Get out of the bed, no time to think, straight for a shower, a glass of milk shake for brekky, some mad running around the house to gather all that is needed, out of the house in 40 minutes flat or even less. Phew!


J said...

Hahahaha.... early to bed, eary to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise ;)

Nemo Amleth said...

Hehe Its worse for me. I can't get out of the bed at all. I have to be dragged out ... literally. 40 minutes is a lotta time dudet. Thank heavens !!!

Dream catcher said...

yeah...same life here...awww!

TS said...

Reduce 40 to 20 and you'll be living my life.

You lucky woman you!

c a a p i r i g h t e r said...

just askin....are u currently addicted to Tetley Elaichi flavor?

...i'm askin coz i was one....totally!!

Reeta Skeeter said...

J: Thank You for the suggestion :P
Nemo Amleth: I said 40mins or less :P
Dream Catcher: What do I say? :|
ts: Well, many a times it gets to that(20) for me as well!
caapirighter: YEAHHHHH!!! Tetley Tea (Elaichi)...current addiction...But I prefer self-made loose tea(Red Label/Assamese) with a crushed pod of cardamom...yumm!

Ankur said...

1st para: my life in London(future..Amen!)

2nd para: my life in Delhi(current..Phew!)

Gonecase said...

No compromise with sleep, 40 mins is a long time, rest all has already been said :D

Apoorv Gawde said...

lol I think its the story of everyones life, at lunch the other day, a colleague told us that he wakes up at 6am and does Yoga and the like...
The way everyone stopped eating and looked at him, reassures me that I still belong to the majority :-)

ancientmariner said...

well I take 17 minutes from waking up to getting out of the flat...I need to improve on that..:D